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Time for biz writers to write about business

February 16, 2007

Thomas Kostigen of Marketwatch says it’s time for business journalists to stop writing about the Maria Bartiromo/Citigroup controversy and to start writing about business.

Thomas KostigenKostigen wrote, “Frustrated business news journalists — which is to say pretty much all business news journalists — are having a field day with the firing of Citigroup’s Todd Thomson, head of its global wealth management division, at the expense of CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo.

“They’re writing tabloid fare journalism that may be more fun for them (I mean, which would you rather cover: the Money Honey or Motorola?) but is tragic for us readers.

“Without Bartiromo in the picture, would the firing of a senior executive for a major public corporation have drawn on this long? Thomson was booted about a month ago. He’s still making headlines today.”

Later, he concluded, “So, Neil Cavuto: Best fly coach, and for the sake of our industry please cavort only with men. Then again, something might be made out of that too!

“Business journalists should stick to writing about business, not about celebrity; they may actually end up uncovering something important.”

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