Fox Biz Network will be successful — with or without Dow Jones

Motley Fool contributing writer Rick Munarriz writes Thursday that the new Fox Business Network will be successful with or without the help of Dow Jones & Co., the parent of The Wall Street Journal, which its parent News Corp. wants to buy for $5 billion. Munarriz wrote, “No, FBN’s launch doesn’t need the blessing — […]

Murdoch to spend $100 million launching Fox Business Channel

Tim Arango of Fortune writes Thursday that News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch will spend $100 million launching Fox Business Channel later this fall, but the cable network is expected to lose money for the first four years. Arango wrote, “The company plans to spend $100 million in initial capital for the business channel, which is […]

When the biz media writes about itself

Steven Zeitchik of Variety takes a look at the voluminous coverage of the News Corp. offer to acquire Dow Jones & Co. and notes the business media has been put in a position of covering itself — or a rival. For example, News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch was interviewed the day the offer broke on […]

Cavuto shrugs off adversity

Marketwatch media columnist Jon Friedman talked with Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto last week about starting up the new business news channel. Friedman wrote, “Fox has noted that the Cavuto-led business unit passed CNN and CNBC to grab the top five spots in cable news, including the Saturday morning business-news block. Cavuto’s financial program, ‘Your […]

A business-friendly cable network? Unlikely

Tribune Media Services columnist Andrew Leckey, who is also director of the Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism, writes Sunday that it’s unlikely that the new Fox Business Channel will be friendlier to business than CNBC. Leckey wrote, “Neil Cavuto, managing editor for business news for Fox, has a reputation as a well-researched, […]

Time for biz writers to write about business

Thomas Kostigen of Marketwatch says it’s time for business journalists to stop writing about the Maria Bartiromo/Citigroup controversy and to start writing about business. Kostigen wrote, “Frustrated business news journalists — which is to say pretty much all business news journalists — are having a field day with the firing of Citigroup’s Todd Thomson, head […]

Who will watch Fox Business Channel?

Frank Barnako of Marketwatch wonders Tuesday just exactly who will be watching the announced, but not yet airing, Fox Business Channel. Barnako wrote, “What happens if the bull starts panting and runs out of steam? The “small investors” who have been writing down Cramer’s latest ‘Mon back’ or ‘Sell! Sell! Sell!’ and the guys from […]

The real test for the Fox Business Channel

Jonathan Berr, writing on, makes the point that whether the upcoming Fox Business Channel is successful depends on how well it attracts viewers during slow business news days. Berr, a former reporter for and Bloomberg, wrote, “The real test for Fox Business News won’t be how it reports earnings, corporate scandals or mergers […]

Barnako: CNBC staff need agents

Marketwatch media writer Frank Barnako muses that the newly announced Fox Business Channel will come after some of the talent at rival business cable news network CNBC. Barnako wrote, “If you’re working at CNBC and don’t have an agent yet, get one now. The 45th richest man in the world is shopping for talent.” Later, […]

Fox makes it official: Biz network will launch in fourth quarter

News Corp. finally issued a press release Thursday afternoon stating that its Fox Business Channel would hit the airwaves in the last three months of this year. The release stated, “Presently, FOX Business Channel has 30 million subscribers under contract after securing distribution agreements with multiple cable operators, including: Time Warner; Comcast; Charter, and Direct […]