How the financial crisis affected Thal Larsen’s career

Russell Sherman of the “Press Profiles” podcast spoke with Reuters Breakingviews global editor Peter Thal Larsen about his career in financial journalism. Thal Larsen said what happened earlier in the 21st century has impacted how he covers companies and stories. “For many people, it was a defining period,” said Thal Larsen about covering the 2008 financial […]

Media Movers: The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Sharif Durhams

When I attended N.C. State University, our student newspaper was a melting pot of engineering students and others who weren’t looking for a school with a stellar journalism school. Those students went to the University of North Carolina, our chief rival. Back in those days, I started hearing about an up-and-coming superstar: Sharif Durhams. I’ve […]

Time to change how business news reports about Musk

Casey Newton writes on his Platformer site about how business news organizations cover Tesla CEO Elon Musk and why they must change their tactics. Newton writes, “For most of you, I realize, it is no longer news that Musk stretches the truth until it disintegrates. At least since he lied about having ‘funding secured’ to take […]

Examining the financial news industry

Robin Wigglesworth of The Financial Times examines the financial journalism market. Wigglesworth writes, “In case you blinked and missed it, financial news only generated $1.7bn of revenues last year. “In other words: News has easily been the slowest-growing part of the broader industry over the past five years, despite all the attention it generates (find someone […]

Decline in biz news coverage undermines oversight of companies

A decline in business coverage has undermined oversight of public companies in places where newspapers have shut down and downsized, according to research from the University of Arkansas. Kyle Massey of Arkansas Business writes, “The paper, soon to be published in the Review of Accounting Studies, also argues that an information void left by the newspaper […]

Charlotte business news coverage is lacking

Allison Braden writes for Charlotte Magazine about the issues with news coverage in the city, particularly business news. Braden writes, “The Observer, in the nation’s second-largest banking hub, has a nominal banking beat, but the city lacks comprehensive coverage of big business and rarely exposes corporate malfeasance. (Deon Roberts, who covered banking for the Observer from 2013 to […]

Tulsa World revamping its business news coverage

Michael Dekker, the new business reporter for the Tulsa World, writes about changes to its coverage. Dekker writes, “We are bringing back our Business Viewpoint column that allows contributors to submit a first-person op-ed in 400-500 words. We want insight and access to give readers a chance to understand important topics and trends from those […]

Where the problem exists in business journalism

Emily Russell of Columbia Journalism Review spoke with Rana Foroohar, a global business columnist at the Financial Times, about the World Economic Forum and the problems with business journalism. Here is an excerpt: The solution is to have more and better local business coverage. But there’s fewer local news outlets out there—there’s just fewer people to […]

Berkshire publication adding business news section

The Berkshire Edge in western Massachusetts is adding a business news section that will appear every Monday. Marcie Setlow of The Edge writes, “Business Monday will cover both for-profit and non-profit enterprises. We recognize that members of the non-profit sector face their own set of business issues, but they nevertheless play a major role in the economic structure […]

CJR EIC Pope: Davos shows we need to fix business journalism

Columbia Journalism Review editor in chief Kyle Pope writes about the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland and what it says about business journalism. Pope writes, “I attended Davos once, on the eve of the subprime crash, when I was a senior editor at Condé Nast’s Portfolio, a glossy magazine that covered global business. The magazine died […]