Fox’s Bartiromo accused of calling attorney general about election

Former attorney general Bill Barr says Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo called him up “screaming” about imaginary voter fraud, according to  a new book “Betrayal” by ABC’s chief Washington correspondent Jon Karl, reports Brian Stelter of CNN Business. Stelter writes, “Karl said he reached out to Bartiromo for a response, because, ‘after all, it’s highly inappropriate […]

Bartiromo to host “Fox News Primetime” next week

Maria Bartiromo will return to the anchor chair during “Fox News Primetime” on Monday as the network continues its search for a permanent host, reports Lindsey Ellefson of The Wrap. Ellefson writes, “Bartiromo will become the first woman to guest host the 7 p.m. show twice since it launched. The network has rotated a cast of star […]

Bartiromo’s gamble on Trump is key to her future career

Business Insider’s Claire Atkinson examines how Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo has tethered her career to former President Donald Trump and what that might mean to her future. Atkinson reports, “Some insiders say that going full Trump could win Bartiromo a spot on Fox’s evening schedule. “‘Of the people who have auditioned for the spot, she clearly would […]

Dobbs, Bartiromo file motion to dismiss voting system lawsuit

Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo, Judge Jeanine Pirro and former host Lou Dobbs filed separate motions to dismiss electronic voting systems maker Smartmatic’s lawsuit against Fox Corp., reports a Reuters story. A Reuters story, “The lawsuit had claimed that the media group accused it of helping rig the U.S. presidential election in favor of Joe […]

Bartiromo complains about losing Twitter followers

Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo complained on the air Wednesday about losing Twitter followers, reports Justin Baragona of The Daily Beast. Baragona reports, “Interviewing Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO)—who recently wrote a front-page op-ed in the nation’s fourth-largest paper claiming he’s been ‘muzzled’—Bartiromo agreed with the conservative lawmaker that they need to tell social media companies they won’t “bow […]

Bartiromo is having trouble booking executives

Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business is getting rebuffed by some in corporate America as she prepares for an upcoming stint as a Fox News opinion anchor, according to seven people who work in major financial institutions and financial-communications executives, reports Claire Atkinson and Sean Czarnicki of Business Insider. Atkinson and Czarnicki report, “Bartiromo, who anchors ‘Mornings with Maria,’ […]

Fox to wary advertisers: Bartiromo is “hard-hitting journalism”

Fox News has tried to assured worried advertisers about blowback that its talent such as business-oriented anchor Maria Bartiromo, reports Justin Baragona, Maxwell Tani and Andrew Kirell of The Wrap. Baragona, Tani and Kirell write, “The network selling Bartiromo as a face of its journalism is especially eyebrow-raising considering the famed financial reporter’s years-long descent into full-on Trump […]

Fake Smithfield CEO appears on Fox Business

An animal rights activist posing as the chief executive officer of Smithfield Foods was interviewed on the air by Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo, reports Erik Wemple of The Washington Post. Wemple reports, “In this case, the accusation is coming from Smithfield Foods: ‘FOX Business aired a segment that was a complete hoax,’ said Smithfield Chief Administrative […]

LA Times: Bartiromo losing the respect of other journalists

Stephen Battaglio of the Los Angeles Times also explores how Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo has been covering the false claims by President Donald Trump that the election was rigged. Battaglio reports, “But lately Bartiromo’s former colleagues — many of whom admire her reporting skills and tireless work ethic — are wondering why she allowed her programs to […]

What happened to Maria Bartiromo?

Sarah Ellison of The Washington Post writes about the transformation of Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo, who has become an advocate for President Donald Trump. Ellison writes, “Like many Trump allies, she speaks as though the fact the investigation led to no criminal charges against the president means the entire enterprise was bogus from the outset. Mueller […]