CNET pushed reporters to be more favorable to advertisers

Tech news site CNET pushed staff to be more favorable to advertisers, reports Mia Sato of The Verge. Sato reports, “Multiple former employees told The Verge of instances where CNET staff felt pressured to change stories and reviews due to Red Ventures’ business dealings with advertisers. The forceful pivot toward Red Ventures’ affiliate marketing-driven business model — which generates […]

CNET’s parent feared Google backlash over AI-produced stories

Red Ventures, which owns tech news site CNET, feared Google would notice the dismal quality of stories written by artificial intelligence software and cut off the precious supply of search results that Red Ventures depends on for revenue, reports Jon Christian of Futurism. Christian writes, “Google’s current position is that it’s not limiting the visibility of online […]

CNET found errors in more than half of its AI stories

CNET issued corrections on 41 of the 77 stories the outlet published that were written using an artificial intelligence tool, reports Mia Sato and Emma Roth of The Verge. Sato and Roth write, “In a note published today, CNET editor-in-chief Connie Guglielmo defended the use of the AI writing tool but said that an internal review of stories uncovered numerous […]

What’s forced CoinDesk to cover its parent company

Isabella Simonetti of The New York Times writes about CoinDesk’s coverage of FTX and founder Sam Bankman-Fried and what that means for CoinDesk’s parent. Simonetti writes, “But now, the complications for CoinDesk are even greater. One of the businesses owned by its parent company, Digital Currency Group, a venture capital firm with stakes in numerous crypto […]

How the media got played by retailers about shoplifting

Tesnim Zekeria and Judd Legum of Popular Information write about how the media accepted the storyline from retailers that shoplifting was rampant without checking police reports and statistics. Zekeria and Legum write, “Mainstream media has historically gravitated toward sensationalist crime coverage that often obscures reality. With Walgreens, a similar pattern emerged: the drugstore chain’s dubious narrative was spread […]

WSJ demands investigation after reporter detained

The Wall Street Journal demanded the Phoenix Police Department conduct an internal review and take action to ensure journalists’ rights are protected after one of its reporters was handcuffed and detained, reports Dave Biscobing of ABC 15. Biscobing reports, “The demand came from Journal Editor-in-Chief Matt Murray to Phoenix Police Chief Michael Sullivan in a letter following […]

Lawmakers upset with TikTok spying on journalists

Washington lawmakers expressed outrage that social media company ByteDance was using TikTok to spy on journalists, reports Emily Baker-White of Forbes. Baker-White reports, “In a statement to Forbes, Senator Ron Wyden (D-WA) endorsed those concerns: ‘Using customer data to spy on journalists and employees is a scandal that casts doubt on every promise TikTok has made about protecting […]

Li of Fox Business remains suspended from Twitter

Fox Business reporter Susan Li remains suspended from Twitter, reports Zachary Leeman of Mediaite. Leeman reports, “Li informed Fox’s Neil Cavuto on Saturday morning though that her account was still suspended. As of Saturday afternoon, the status remains the same. “Li blasted Musk for claiming he was doxxed and said she was suspended after the initial round of suspensions as she […]

Washington Post’s Lorenz has Twitter account suspended

Washington Post tech columnist Taylor Lorenz said her Twitter account was suspended Saturday after she tweeted a request for comment at Elon Musk, reports Todd Spangler of Variety. Spangler reports, “Lorenz’s Twitter account (@TaylorLorenz), which she activated in 2010, had more than 340,000 followers before it was suspended. “Earlier tonight, Elon Musk suspended my Twitter account,” she wrote on her Substack. […]

NBC News suspended reporter for criticizing Musk

NBC News temporarily suspended tech reporter Ben Collins earlier this month from covering Musk on NBC and MSNBC airwaves, but not for the latest issues, reports Maxwell Tani of Semafor. Tani reports, “According to two sources, the network told Collins earlier this month that his criticism of Musk, which included comments about how the billionaire was purposefully trying […]