The pressures that business journalists face

Chris Hedges of “The Chris Hedges Report” spoke with Gretchen Morgenson, a senior financial reporter for the NBC News Investigative Unit who previously worked for the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times where she won a Pulitzer Prize, about the issues in journalism. Here is an excerpt: Chris Hedges:  Yeah. I used to say, that […]

Judge orders Oregonion to destroy documents in Nike case

A federal judge on Friday ordered The Oregonian not to publish information from documents it obtained last week from an attorney in a sexual discrimination case against Nike, reports Matthew Kish of The Oregonian. Kish reports, “The attorney, Laura Salerno Owens, who represents the plaintiffs in the case, sent a file of documents to a news reporter […]

LA Times owner upset about reporting on billionaire friend

The owner of the Los Angeles Times tried to dissuade the paper’s business news desk from pursuing a story about another billionaire, report Ryan Mac, Benjamin Mullin and Katie Robertson. Mac, Mullin and Robertson report, “The incident weighed on Mr. Merida, two of the people said. The editor had already found himself at odds with the Soon-Shiong […]

Newton’s decision to take newsletter off Substack

Oliver Darcy of CNN takes a look at Casey Newton‘s decision to take his tech newsletter Platformer off of Substack and Twitter/X. Darcy writes, “For a journalist whose job it is to call out other companies for maintaining questionable business relationships, Newton said it would have not only been ethically dubious for him to ignore the […]

How Alabama Power influences coverage

Miranda Green of Floodlight writes about how Alabama Power, a subsidiary of Southern Co., influences coverage in the state about its operations. Green writes, “Coverage of the utility by the Birmingham Times, which was funded with money from Alabama Power’s charitable arm the Alabama Power Foundation, consists of reprinted stories from the News Center and the utility’s own press […]

Law professor: No case against Business Insider

Matt Stieb of New York Magazine’s Intelligencer interviewed Edward Klaris, an adjunct professor at Columbia Law School and former counsel at Condé Nast, about whether billionaire Bill Ackman and his wife have a case against Business Insider. Here is an excerpt: Ackman has lashed out on social media and threatened to “unleash hell” on Business Insider for what […]

Business Insider CEO note to staff on Oxman stories

Business Insider CEO Barbara Peng sent out the following on Sunday to the staff: We are a journalism organization with high standards and a commitment to truth and fairness. Regarding the recent reporting on Neri Oxman, we feel it’s important to share the following: There was no unfair bias or personal, political, and/or religious motivation […]

Internal review backs Business Insider story

Reports of plagiarism against the academic Neri Oxman, wife of billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman, are “accurate and well documented,” reports Sam Jones of The Financial Times. Jones reports, “In a memorandum sent to Business Insider reporters on Sunday, a copy of which was seen by the Financial Times, chief executive Barbara Peng said an […]

Prominent tech newsletter leaving Substack

Casey Newton, a technology journalist and founder of Platformer, is leaving Substack over its failure to moderate Nazi and pro-Holocaust content, reports Taylor Lorenz and Will Oremus of The Washington Post. Lorenz and Oremus write, “Newton’s announcement comes days after Substack said it would ban five Nazi-affiliated accounts that it had found in violation of its policy against […]

Axel Springer spokesman: Facts in Business Insider’s story stand

Dylan Byers of Puck interviewed Axel Springer’s head of communications, Adib Sisani, about the complaints billionaire Bill Ackman has made over Business Insider’s coverage of his wife and problems with her dissertation. Byers writes, “In a phone call this week, Sisani told me that the company launched the review because Axel took Ackman’s accusations so seriously—chiefly, the […]