PR and news under one Dow Jones roof

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4 Responses

  1. Pietro_F says:

    Put conflict of interest in marquee lights! If I was an internal marketing consultant for a financial firm looking for an entry to top financial media points without all the heavy lifting, I’d counsel hiring these guys in a heartbeat! But yes, it feels like pay-for-play.

  2. Rafat says:

    This is an offshoot of Factiva, not so much on the edit side of DJ. has been there for at least 3-4 years afaik.

  3. AP says:

    How is this different from South African Tourism buying full-page ads in WSJ and/or, if the agency so chose, paying for a special Olympics section? The implication that PR and news are under one roof, and therefore influencing one another, could be applied to advertising and news as well. But internal policies prevent that. Admittedly, any business relationship carries potential for appearance of conflict of interest. Such relationships should be carefully considered, and groundrules clearly established up front. But should they be rejected out of hand if, in fact, they don’t pose a conflict of interest.

  4. jds says:

    Please. just more of the same. First the Washington Post wants to sell access to its salon. Now Dow JONES wants to trade on its name. Would you really expect anything less from “maximize the bottom line” Murdoch? Seriously? Then you are on crack, people. You don’t go to the mat to acquire a rarefied property like the WSJ to assure that the highest standards of journalism are upheld; you do it to make the big bucks. PR, news, the death of nations – – it’s all the same to Rupert!

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