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More from The Sanity Check: Jim Cramer is mad now

January 15, 2006

I’ve been posting about how Overstock.com’s President Patrick Byrne has been having a public discourse with BusinessWeek e-commerce editor Timothy Mullaney by posting his answers to Mullaney’s questions on a Web site called www.thesanitycheck.com. The web site was created to battle the threat of naked short sellers on the market and to fight its belief that the business media is in the palm of hedge fund managers.

The web master for the site, Dave Patch, has apparently ruffled the feathers of CNBC market guru Jim Cramer as well with some of his posts, and Cramer has apparently threatened Patch with a defamation and libel suit.

Patch responded on his blog this morning, and he’s getting hits. He begins: “Being an engineer and not part of the ‘media’ world, I was at first concerned and then concern led to intrigue. EVERYONE I told this bizarre story to said the same thing – ‘Why would Cramer care about what you had to say.’ I thought I had answers; Ego being on top of the list.

“But then as I dug deeper into the articles and the statements I made, I thought maybe there were other issues Jimmy didn’t want discussed in the open public anymore.”

You can read the entire post here, as well as the responses.

Judge for yourself. I’m staying out of that one.

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