Forbes expose due out in September

Chris Roush

Chris Roush is the dean of the School of Communications at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut. He was previously Walter E. Hussman Sr. Distinguished Professor in business journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill. He is a former business journalist for Bloomberg News, Businessweek, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Tampa Tribune and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. He is the author of the leading business reporting textbook "Show me the Money: Writing Business and Economics Stories for Mass Communication" and "Thinking Things Over," a biography of former Wall Street Journal editor Vermont Royster.

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  1. Old Forbesy says:

    So a few observations on this.

    First off the story of the expensive bottle of wine, or rather the fiasco it became, has already been covered in another book. “The Billionaires Vinegar.”

    Second: There’s no mystery about where the Faberge Eggs went. The Forbes brothers sold them because they just weren’t into them the way Malcolm was. A Russian businessman bought them at auction.

    Of course the Forbes people will probably start whispering to media reporters about the circumstances around Pinkerton’s departure from The Wall Street Journal.

    I do however look forward to the inside story of this:
    “Family’s management removal by rocker Bono‘s investment group.” Not because of the Bono angle as he isn’t anywhere near the most interesting person at Elevation Partners: Of course Roger McNamee is.

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