Boeing employees fired for alleged leak to Seattle Times

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  1. Very little of “my story” has become public yet, but I’m hoping it will be. So far, my local TV station channel 13 Q13 News has done the best, most detailed story so far about my story. I have always believed (and said so both privately to Boeing management and in the noted broadcast) that “my” story of corruption at Boeing and the FAA that places the public at unknown (unknown levels of, because it was the in-process and final inspections of Boeing airplanes that were never done, or just partially done, to add illegally to Boeing’s bottom line, and also “unknown” because Boeing and the FAA chose to never tell the public for obvious reasons) extra risk in return for more bottom line dollars for Boeing is a bigger story than that of Enron’s corruption. Right now Boeing is doing their best to retaliate against me, but it is not that internal corruption driven reprisal that concerns me the most. It is still the urgent restoration of some even minimally effective level of oversight by the FAA to stop Boeing’s current wholesale violation of quality, safety, and reliability assurance processes for short term profit gains that is my main concern. Even though I have been “evicted” by Boeing from my critical job there as a QA inspector, and can no longer attempt to be perhaps the last true inspector on the assembly lines at Boeing that still tried to do my critical job instead of simply just pretending to do it and then stamping the paper stating that I did actually inspect the work (as so many of my fellow inspectors did, and still do), I can still attempt to right the immense wrongs going on on the Commercial Aircraft production lines at Boeingfrom the outside by seeking reforms of the true source of Boeing’s current corruption–the FAA, that perverts the true meaning of their jobs of “overseeing the production of conforming and safe commercial aircraft on Boeing’s production lines,” to mean that they are to “overlook the production of nonconforming and unknown whether to be safe commercial aircraft on Boeing’s production lines.”

    I have written a letter to the Department of Transportation’s Inspector General Todd J. Zinser requesting that his office investigate and correct this intentional “oversight” of Boeing’s corruption that lets airplanes that were never obviously properly inspected receive a Certificate of Airworthiness rollerstamped (similar to the way Boeing’s production paperwork is) by an equally corrupt FAA. Please go to my website,, for more details and for links to write Inspector General Zinser and your Congressional representatives requesting that Inspector General Zinser (and other government agencies as appropriate–such as the FBI) begin my requested investigation at the earliest possible time. The life you save by doing so may be your life, or the life of a loved one.


    Gerald Eastman

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