Biz magazines had bad ad sales in September

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2 Responses

  1. larry marion says:

    forget ad revenues. focus on the ad pages. neither PIB nor anyone on the outside knows what the “real” ad revenues. Just counting the total number of ad pages by the published ad rates is as useless as multiplying the MSRP of a GM vehicle by the number of vehicles sold to determine the total revenues.

    Would you buy a car for the list price? Do real estate appraisers determine the value of a home by comparing the asking price, or the actual sale price?

    note: the gap between rate card page rates and actual paid rates is bigger than the gap between auto sticker prices and the actual price paid.

  2. Lisa Murray says:

    Can’t help but wonder why you did not report Entrepreneur’s numbers. We are the number one business magazine sold on the newsstand…

    Lisa Murray
    Entrepreneur Media

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