Twin Cities Business editor Kaplan focused on expanding its readership

Rachel Hutton of the Star Tribune in Minneapolis profiles Ali Kaplan, the editor of Twin Cities Business. Hutton writes, “Kaplan’s role at Mpls.St.Paul led to her current one leading Twin Cities Business (the two magazines are owned by the same company). She’s the magazine’s first female editor, covering a male-dominated community. (In Minnesota, roughly 20% of executive […]

WSJ is eliminating usage of courtesy titles

Wall Street Journal editor in chief Emma Tucker sent out the following on Tuesday: The Wall Street Journal is eliminating the routine use of honorifics, or courtesy titles, in its news pages. The Journal has been one of the few news organizations to continue to use the titles, under our long-held belief that Mr., Ms. and so […]

WSJ dropping company suffixes

Wall Street Journal editor in chief Emma Tucker sent out the following on Monday: Dear all, We will no longer routinely use corporate designations – that alphabet soup of Inc., Co., Corp., PLC, Ltd. and the like – for companies in The Wall Street Journal. We have decided that their value is outweighed by the clutter that […]

NPR’s Gogoi on what makes a good business news story

Pallavi Gogoi, former NPR chief business editor and current acting managing editor-daily report, speaks with Jacqueline GaNun of The Lead podcast about the best way to tell business news stories. “I’ve never lost sight of the fact that storytelling is important to me,” said Gogoi. “No matter what you cover in journalism, you can cover […]

English of Barron’s discusses her writing style and focus

Russell Sherman at Press Profiles interviewed Carleton English of Barron’s about her job and her career. “I think that they’re both outlets that are writer focused,” said English about working at Barron’s and The New York Post. She said she learned at The Post that story shaping and knowing your audience was vital. “The Post is so much […]

How Rowan from Forbes Advisor approaches personal finance coverage

Dana Miranda of Healthy Rich interviewed Forbes Advisor personal finance writer Lisa Rowan on her writing strategy. Miranda writes, “Rowan, however, approaches hacks differently. “‘I’m looking for things that I can convey to the biggest group of readers,’ she says. If she runs into a ‘hack’ for 18 to 21 year olds who live in central Missouri, that’s […]

How Matt Levine juggles writing about Elon Musk and crypto

Elizabeth Lopatto of The Verge interviewed Matt Levine, who writes the popular “Money Stuff” newsletter at Bloomberg News. Lopatto writes, “Matt Levine would like you to know that Elon Musk does not actually ruin all of his vacations. Sure, he was at Sesame Place, the theme park just outside Philadelphia, with his kids when Musk announced his Twitter […]

It’s time to retire stock market metaphors from coverage

Jeremy Olshan, who is leaving where he was editor in chief to become personal finance editor at The Wall Street Journal, writes about how stock market metaphors hurt investors. Olshan writes, “The language and imagery we use to talk about markets matters. In one of my first columns after becoming editor of this site […]

Bloomberg columnist Levine: Panic is my motivator

Neal Freyman of Morning Brew spoke with Bloomberg Opinion columnist Matt Levine about his career. Here is an excerpt: Give us a sense of your writing setup. Two monitors? Coffee? Music? I mostly write from home, on a Mac desktop with one big monitor. Sometimes I go to the office, where I have a PC with two monitors […]

How sourcing helps build a business journalism career

Michelle Cheng of Quartz writes about developing a career in business journalism, based on comments made at the financial news site’s sixth webinar about the field. Cheng writes, “Work on sourcing and extracting exclusive information. Know your topic inside and out, and marry that expertise on subject matter to get the right info you need. People […]