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How Rowan from Forbes Advisor approaches personal finance coverage

November 7, 2022

Posted by Chris Roush

Lisa Rowan

Dana Miranda of Healthy Rich interviewed Forbes Advisor personal finance writer Lisa Rowan on her writing strategy.

Miranda writes, “Rowan, however, approaches hacks differently.

“‘I’m looking for things that I can convey to the biggest group of readers,’ she says. If she runs into a ‘hack’ for 18 to 21 year olds who live in central Missouri, that’s an automatic no.

“Another issue: A ‘hack’ also implies it’s a quick fix, easy to do. But a lot of times, they aren’t.

“‘We call them hacks because people want to feel like they’re besting the system, like ‘Look at me, I pulled one over on you, Uncle Sam,’’ she says. ‘What it’s really about is habit-building.’

“But, as Rowan points out, it’s essential we acknowledge that habit-building is easier for some than others. For the thirtysomething White woman who’s single, has no kids and is relatively debt-free? No biggie. It’s not the same story for others, though.

“‘Every time I’m giving tips, I’m also thinking about all of the people who can’t take those tips,’ Rowan says. ‘That’s why we give so many tips — because hopefully there’s something in there that’s new for you that maybe you can apply to your life.'”

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