Biz reporter Matthew Kish: The role model for anyone

Andy Giegerich, the managing editor of the Portland Business Journal, writes about departing reporter Matthew Kish, who is leaving for a job at Business Insider. Giegerich writes, “Matt’s last day at the PBJ is today. He’s spent the past decade-and-a-half, oh, let’s see, breaking story after story, mentoring younger reporters (and, as I have an easy […]

How Insider senior correspondent Ito spends her days

Business Insider senior correspondent Aki Ito spoke with Phil Rosen about how she covers the future of work. Here is an excerpt: What’s a day in the life of Aki Ito like? It depends on whether I’m writing or not. On days I’m writing, I’m holed up in our guest bedroom, where I’ve set up my home office. I […]

How to find stories from financial reports

Michelle Cheng of Quartz writes about a panel the financial news site had that featured journalists finding stories in financial reports. Cheng writes, “Controversies around cryptocurrency firm Tether had been so well-reported, said Kadhim Shubber, that he and his colleague at the Financial Times decided to take a different approach by  looking at the people running […]

Quartz’s Bell on business journalism: Interest of readers is paramount

Mark Sternberg of Adweek interviewed Quartz editor in chief Katherine Bell about business journalism. Here is an excerpt: Business journalism doesn’t happen in a vacuum. If you write a critical article about a company, they are far less likely to send you their next exclusive. How do you balance maintaining healthy relationships with sources, while still trying to […]

How to think about business stories in a non-traditional way

Michelle Cheng of Quartz writes about how to think about business stories in non-traditional ways, from uncovering stories about underrepresented communities to exploring social inequities. Cheng writes, “The panelists included Samanth Subramanian, Quartz’s future of capitalism reporter, Esmé E. Deprez, a senior investigative reporter at Bloomberg News and Bloomberg Businessweek, and Eshe Nelson, a business […]

Insider global EIC Carlson: Let’s limit stories to 600 words

Insider global editor in chief Nicholas Carlson sent out the following on Thursday: Team — During today’s newsroom meeting, I announced that all posts, with some exceptions, must now be under 600 words. We’ll try this new rule on for size during the summer and, in the fall, solicit feedback on his it’s going. Who does this […]

Learning writing tools and strategies from The Economist

Ahmed Soliman writes about how he learned to write more effectively by reading The Economist. Soliman writes, “Getting to it doesn’t correlate with the writer’s talent or experience: we all do it occasionally. If it doesn’t happen at the beginning of your essay, it’ll happen somewhere else. That’s why it helps to rewrite and proofread—with the […]

Race, gender and economy biz reporter wants to tell stories with impact

Erica Thompson, the Ohio regional business reporter covering race, gender and the economy for The Columbus Dispatch, talked about her job. Here is an excerpt: What I like best about my job This job allows me to meet so many amazing people of all walks of life, who inspire me equally. I’m a storyteller at […]

Newsletter launches on better writing

Chicago-based marketing and communications agency M. Harris & Co., run by former business journalist Melissa Harris, has launched a paid newsletter about better writing. “Get Me Rewrite” costs $7 a month, or $60 a year. Twice a week, M. Harris & Co.’s writers — former Chicago Tribune metro editor Mark Jacob, former Los Angeles Times investigative […]

What defines a business news story

Lesley Weidenbener, the editor of the Indianapolis Business journal, writes about how the publication determines a business news story. Weidenbener writes, “IBJ defines ‘business coverage’ more broadly than many business journals. Few have a full-time Statehouse reporter, like our Lindsey Erdody, for example. Or a reporter dedicated to the suburbs, like we do in Kurt […]