Media Movers: Bloomberg Industry Group’s Bernie Kohn

I call them the journalist conversion reversions: The rare professional who dips a toe into public relations and then goes back. Changing careers is hard enough, but then being re-accepted back into the news business is a feat after testing what many journos call the “dark side.” [Editor’s note: We love our PR peeps.] Kudos, […]

Media Movers: Financial journalist Gail MarksJarvis

Gail MarksJarvis is one of the nation’s most important freelance journalists. Don’t believe me? Check out her work: Retirees: Expect to Get Hit With Surging Health Costs. ‘ Motherhood Penalty’ Ranges as High as $600,000. Here Are Some Tips to Catch Up. A Young Worker’s Guide to Saving for Emergencies and Investing for Retirement. Still […]

Media Movers: N.C. sports reporting star Joe Giglio

If you pay attention to college sports, chances are you’ve come across Joe Giglio. He started writing and talking about the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)  while at N.C. State University in the mid-to-late 1990s. That college work helped him land a plum job at the (Raleigh) News & Observer, where he spent nearly a quarter-century […]

Media Movers: Jeanne Pinder of

Everyone should be able to easily compare the costs of common medical procedures. No reporter would dispute this, but it took Jeanne Pinder to do something about it. After a successful career at The New York Times, she took a buyout — a choice many journalists may have to make at least once in their careers. […]

Media Movers: Podcaster, writer and editor Mark Caro

  Mark Caro has truly done it all: He was a star writer at the Chicago Tribune, works to train the next generation, runs the successful podcast Caropop and writes fascinating books. Oh, he also emcees events and shares the stage with A-list stars. This is an amazing resume that you don’t see every day, […]

Media Movers: Newsday’s James T. Madore

Some journalists hop from publication to publication trying to find their fit. Then there’s James T. Madore, who got a position at Newsday back in 1996 and knew that he’d found his. He has used his longevity to cover numerous beats — he’s even served as a bureau chief —  and champion new platforms, activities […]

Media Movers: Lauren Young, Reuters rock star

Lauren Young knows readers are everywhere. Her audience is, as she puts it, the world. This tells me that she’s in the right field. When you’re a journalist, hunting for stories is part of your DNA. They’re waiting to be discovered on the weekends. On vacation. While exercising. Her energy and passion led her to […]

Media Movers: The Chicago Tribune’s Kim Quillen

Kim Quillen‘s print journalism career has taken her across the nation: Delaware, Arizona, Louisiana and the Windy City, where since 2016 she’s served as a business editor at the Chicago Tribune. Kim isn’t that flashy journalist who splashes her scoops across social media. She’s a humble, behind-the-scenes presence: stable and reliable in an environment where […]

Media Movers: Journalism entrepreneur S. Mitra Kalita

S. Mitra Kalita — or Mitra, as she’s known — is a force: I know because I used to work with her. She lights up the room when she walks in and quickly charms everyone. I watched with envy as she made front page bylines seem so effortless. (I can assure you that a major […]

Media Movers: Crain’s New York’s Cory Schouten

Since its inception, Media Movers has featured smart, thoughtful and passionate journalists. Cory Schouten is no exception. Cory worked at the Indianapolis Business Journal back when weekly biz journals had to be scrappy enough to beat the local daily. Now, he’s EIC of Crain’s New York Business at a time when it has to be […]