How The Information has thrived in the past decade

Charlotte Klein of Vanity Fair writes about tech news site The Information, which was founded 10 years ago by Wall Street Journal reporter Jessica Lessin. Klein writes, “The small-but-mighty Silicon Valley publication, which turns 10 this week, has spent the past decade rolling out ad-free scoops and analysis to a targeted audience willing to cough up $399 […]

Bloomberg adds content to Amazon Freevee

Bloomberg Media has struck a deal to add Bloomberg TV+ and Bloomberg Originals as streaming channels channels on Amazon Freevee in the United States, UK, and Germany. This expands the availability of Bloomberg TV+ on Prime Video, which had previously launched  in Canada, Mexico, Australia and Brazil. “It’s no secret that audiences are moving to […]

What content drives subscription growth at Bloomberg Media

Dominic Ponsford of Press Gazette interviewed Bloomberg Media chief digital officer Julia Beizer about its growth and its business strategy. Ponsford writes, “Asked what types of content works best when it comes to driving subscriptions, she says markets coverage and technology are among the most popular categories. Personal finance is another growing category, particularly in the […]

Ottawa Biz Journal launching group subscription

Michael Curran, the publisher of the Ottawa Business Journal, writes about its new group subscription plan. Curran writes, “Under development for months, OBJ Insider for Groups has two distinct features. First, it provides a price discount of up to 20 per cent for organizations to sign up groups of people. (The discount starts at two […]

Bloomberg Media tops 500,000 subscribers

Bloomberg Media now has over 500,000 subscribers, the firm’s chief digital officer Julia Beizer told Axios reporter Sara Fischer. Fischer reports, “The majority (60%) of Bloomberg Media’s subscribers are in the U.S. The rest are in Europe and the Middle East (20%) and Asia Pacific 20%. “Those numbers, Beizer notes, are consistent with the company’s traffic patterns. Bloomberg […]

How The Verge is getting loyal users with its redesign

Mark Stenberg of Adweek writes about how a redesign of tech news site The Verge is helping it convert readers into loyal users. Stenberg writes, “From January to September, The Verge saw its readership increase 15%, according to Patel. In the same timeframe, its loyal user base, which it defines as a reader who visits the […]

Why Kevin Carmichael has joined The Logic

Longtime Canadian business journalist Kevin Carmichael writes about who he has joined The Logic as a columnist and editor at large. Carmichael writes, “One of the reasons that capitalism trumps the other –isms is that entrepreneurs are always welcome, provided they have enough guile and money to join the game. In the early 1900s, John Bayne Maclean was […]

FT looks to end print editions in some countries

The Financial Times is considering scrapping its print newspaper in some countries around the globe as its traditional readership continues to decline, reports James Warrington of The Telegraph. Warrington reports, “The City broadsheet said it was considering whether to maintain its print edition in various locations amid a ‘volatile and fragile’ market. “The company, which shuttered its […]

Bloomberg Media restructures to boost ad sales

Bloomberg Media is restructuring its sales and marketing divisions around industries like tech, finance, auto, luxury and consultancy, rather than geography, to streamline operations and strengthen its appeal to advertisers, reports Mark Stenberg of Adweek. Stenberg writes, “To lead the newly reorganized divisions, Cook created two new jobs and made four key hires: Mike Wong, Andrea Ching, […]

FT targets readers with subscription app

The Financial Times has launched a subscription-based mobile app product to reach readers outside of its U.K. home base and offer a lower-priced option to convert them into paying subscribers, reports Sara Guaglione. Guaglione reports, “Called the FT Digital Edition, the standalone subscription initially launched in 2020 on desktop as a digital version of the FT’s […]