Tampa Bay Times CEO thinks digital

Conan Gallaty took over as CEO of the Tampa Bay Times in mid-January after a 20-year career focused on digital media. As the paper’s print business model declined, financial constraints led to layoffs, pay cuts and furloughs. Currently, the paper is profitable, including on a net operating basis as per Gallaty. Below is an edited […]

WSJ unveiling commerce site called “Buy Side from WSJ”

The Wall Street Journal will unveil a brand new commerce website called “Buy Side from WSJ,” featuring reviews for consumer goods and personal finance products, reports Sara Fischer of Axios. Fischer reports, “Unlike The Journal’s news site, Buy Side will remain free, helping The Journal attract new audiences, while also bringing in new types of revenue. “We […]

Economist exploring charging for podcasts

The Economist, which has twice as many podcast listeners as subscribers, is exploring whether to charge to listen to them, writes Bron Maher of Press Gazette. Maher writes, “Most podcasts associated with news websites remain un-paywalled, with one notable exception being that of the otherwise paywall-free Il Post in Italy. “The Economist has some breathing room to figure out […]

What’s behind Bloomberg’s strategy in Great Britain

Seb Joseph of Digiday writes about Bloomberg’s recent expansion in Great Britain. Joseph writes, “Bloomberg Execs are hoping this extends to business journalism — especially as its own subscriptions in the U.K have been on a tear (growth was up 30% in 2021 alone). And they may have a point. The current economic plight is a […]

Crypto news site Decrypt spins out from parent after raising $10M

Cryptocurrency news site Decrypt has spun out from its parent company after raising a $10 million series A round and will use some of that money to hire journalists, reports Sara Fischer of Axios. Fischer reports, “The company made around $1 million in revenue last year, and is expecting that to grow meaningfully this year, forecasting […]

Industry Dive launches Legal Dive

Robert Freedman, a senior editor, explains why Industry Dive has launched a new newsletter called Legal Dive. Freedman writes, “There’s no shortage of legal news today. Law.com, Law360 and others are keeping attorneys updated on important developments. These publications are covering the profession from many angles, including the in-house counsel side, so let me share […]

Bloomberg continues to thrive, annual revenue hits $11.6 billion

Bloomberg LP, the parent of Bloomberg News, continues to thrive despite efforts by competitors to produce an alternative, writes Robin Wigglesworth of the Financial Times. Wigglesworth writes, “The hunt for a ‘Bloomberg Killer’ has been ongoing ever since Mike Bloomberg’s clunky but crack-addictive terminal first took over the financial data world. It seems no one is getting […]

Inside the Economist’s relaunch of its subscription mobile app

Sara Guaglione of Digiday writes about how The Economist quietly relaunched its subscription mobile app in March. Guaglione writes, “The core mission of the app hasn’t changed with this redesign, Cohn said. ‘It’s a daily digital briefing that complements the core subscription with short bits of news and analysis aimed at readers on the go,’ he […]

Quartz going against the grain by dropping paywall

Mark Stenberg of Adweek writes about how the decision by financial news site Quartz to drop its paywall is counter to what others in the industry are doing. Stenberg writes, “Industry analysts that spoke with Adweek expressed skepticism about the logic behind the decision. “The removal of the paywall decreases the value proposition of the membership, […]

The strategy behind Bloomberg’s subscription paywall

Anthony Vargas of Ad Exchanger writes about Bloomberg’s subscription strategy, which led to a 58% increase in subscription revenue in 2021. Vargas writes, “Bloomberg uses a metered paywall model, so users get to read a few free articles per month before being forced to sign up for a subscription. “About two years ago, Bloomberg introduced […]