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Why sustainability has become a business story

May 6, 2021

Posted by Chris Roush

Karen Ho

New Insider sustainability reporter Karen K. Ho talks with editor Brea Cubit about why the topic has become a big business story.

Here is an excerpt:

I’ve been in business journalism my entire reporting career, and it’s interesting to see how sustainability is no longer a niche topic but a C-suite role at a lot of companies. I’m interested in exploring which industries will incorporate sustainability as a business imperative, and not just a side project where you put a garden on your roof.

Talking about sustainability requires a multipronged approach. Fundamentally, being sustainable means we have to alter things — how we cook, bathe, travel, commute, and use office space. It’s about recognizing that the way businesses have been operating for decades needs to drastically change.

I’m really excited about this newsletter on Insider’s platform. I’m excited to continue talking about things like transportation. When I was in the Northwest Territories, I learned about the diamond-mining industry and how every year an ice road is built to transport supplies. But if the world continues to warm, the season for that ice road is going to get shorter. That’s fundamental in terms of how sustainability is closely tied to an industry’s economic output.

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