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Wacky reason from Cavuto why market is falling

July 17, 2006

The News Hounds blog critiques Neil Cavuto of Fox News early and often, and I sometimes don’t pay much attention to it, but the latest is a good analysis of his commentary on the stock market.

Neil CavutoNews Hounds writes, “Only weeks ago, Fox’s business guy, Neil Cavuto, the head of Fox’s business news department and the host of Your World w/Cavuto, was jumping up and down in his seat and practically vibrating as the Dow approached 12,000. The genius of George Bush’s economic policies – specifically his tax cuts – would then become obvious. Bush would be vindicated and the tax cut critics would (hopefully) slither back into their swamp.

“Lo these weeks later, Cavuto’s apparently running out of people, countries, and events to blame for why the Dow has lost nearly 1,300 points. Possibly fearing that his audience is tiring of, or becoming wise to, his rapidly rotating list of excuses, Cavuto came up with a new one today (July 14, 2006): scaredy-cat investors. They’re wimps. They aren’t as tough as our soldiers. They ‘hit the road’ when things get rough. Bottom line: They’re chickens!”

Read more here. The verbatim of Cavuto’s commentary can be read here.

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