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NY Times: CNBC's Gasparino investigated Bartiromo's Citi link

February 12, 2007

A story in the New York Times on Monday reports that CNBC reporter Charles Gasparino did investigate claims that his co-worker, CNBC anchor Maria Bartiromo, was one of the reasons why Citigroup fired an executive earlier this year because of theri close relationship.

Charles GasparinoLandon Thomas Jr. wrote, “On Dec. 11, after the appointment of Robert Druskin as chief operating officer of Citigroup, Ms. Bartiromo and Charles Gasparino, a CNBC on-air editor, had a brief on-air clash when Ms. Bartiromo remarked that an earlier report by Mr. Gasparino that Sallie L. Krawcheck would leave her job as chief financial officer did not pan out.

“‘That is not what I said,’ Mr. Gasparino shot back. ‘I didn’t say that,’ as he argued that Ms. Krawcheck and Mr. Thomson were no longer heirs to succeed Charles O. Prince as chief executive.

“Subsequently, according to people with an understanding of how the story unfolded, Mr. Gasparino learned that, in fact, Mr. Thomson’s job was in jeopardy.

“He explained this to Jonathan Wald, head of news programming, that he had been told by people within Citigroup that top management had examined Mr. Thomson’s conduct, specifically the occasions that Ms. Bartiromo joined him on the company jet. Mr. Wald told Mr. Gasparino to pursue the story, these people say.

“When Ms. Bartiromo got wind of Mr. Gasparino’s reporting, she told Mr. Wald, complaining that her name was being dragged into the matter, these people say. Mr. Wald said that reporting the story was Mr. Gasparino’s job.”

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