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Mossberg: The most influential tech journalist, and a legend

April 7, 2017

Posted by Chris Roush

Walt Mossberg
Walt Mossberg

Jim Bankoff, the CEO of Vox Media, sent out the following note about tech journalism legend Walt Mossberg, who is retiring in June:

As a 30-something year old manager at AOL in the early 2000s, I first experienced the fear and anticipation of shuffling into Wall Mossberg’s Wall Street Journal office on Connecticut Avenue in DC. I was there to demo a new version of the AOL Instance Messenger, but God Help Me, I was presenting my product to Walt Mossberg.

Walt’s relevance and power wasn’t just that he was the most influential product reviewer in the world of personal technology — a legend — it was that he was the best one. Really, he was the only one that mattered. He wasn’t just judging your work, positive or negative, he was telling the truth about it. Whether you liked it or not, his opinion was fact.

Fast forward nearly two decades and two blocks north on Connecticut Avenue where he now works across the hall from me in the Vox Media offices. It’s here where I presently type this bittersweet note to congratulate him on his decision to retire in June after this year’s Code Conference. What a party that will be!

Walt, thank you for everything you have done for our company, our employees, but of course, most importantly, for our audience, your audience. I could myself among the millions who have benefited from your talent as a journalist: in print, audio and on stage. Since joining us, your work has been as vital and essential as it has been at any point in your five-decade career. I will forever consider it one of my greatest privileges, accomplishments and joys to have worked together and to call you my friend.

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