FedScoop hires Heilweil as tech reporter

Rebecca Heilweil has joined FedScoop as a technology reporter to cover IT issues and tech policy at federal agencies including NASA and the Department of Transportation. Heilweil has written for publications Fortune, Slate, The Wall Street Journal and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Most recently, she was a reporter at Recode/Vox, where she wrote about topics ranging […]

The demise of tech news site Recode

Brian Morrissey writes about the demise of tech news site Recode, which was folded into Vox this week. Morrissey writes, “Recode raised $10 million in venture funding only to sell to Vox Media after just 18 months, saying it could not compete in a scale era. That was only partially true, since Recode had the makings of […]

Vox is retiring the Recode brand

Vox announced it will retire the branding for technology news site Recode and The Goods. Journalist work will appear Vox’s technology section for Recode, and Vox’s culture and money sections for The Goods. Recode was started in January 2014 by former Wall Street Journal technology journalists Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, who had run its […]

Parent of tech sites The Verge and Recode gets investment

Vox Media, the parent of tech news sites The Verge and Recode, has received a $100 million investment from Penske Media, reports Benjamin Mullin and Katherine Rosman of The New York Times. Mullin and Rosman report, “In addition to raising funds, Vox Media has met with other media companies to discuss potential acquisitions or sales of some of […]

Recode’s Del Rey among the Vox Media layoffs

Recode senior correspondent Jason Del Rey is among the Vox Media layoffs. Del Rey has spent the last nine years reporting on Amazon, the e-commerce industry, and how technology is transforming brick-and-mortar retail. He has signed a deal with Harper Business to write the book “Winner Sells All” about the retail battle between Walmart vs. Amazon and […]

Oltman promoted to editorial director of Vox science, climate and Recode

Samantha Oltman has been promoted to editorial director of the Vox science, climate, and Recode teams. Oltman joined Vox three years ago, working with the Recode team and deputy editor Adam Clark Estes to deliver coverage of the tech world. As editor of Recode, Samantha executive-produced Recode’s narrative and short-form podcasts “Land of the Giants” […]

Recode senior correspondent Kafka debuts weekly column

Peter Kafka, Recode by Vox senior correspondent and host of Recode Media and Land of the Giants podcast has launched a weekly column focused on the intersection of media and technology. As per Vox: “Each week, Peter will use his expertise and deep sourcing to decode the biggest news in the tech and media worlds […]

Ghaffary to cover social media policy and politics for Vox/Recode

Shirin Ghaffary has been promoted to senior correspondent at Vox/Recode and will now cover social media policy and its intersection with politics. She has been covering social media and big tech, and previously labor and tech. Ghaffary has also co-hosted the Google season of the “Land of the Giants” narrative podcast series. Ghaffary also worked […]

Vox/Recode taps Morrison to cover Big Tech regulation, antitrust

Sara Morrison has been promoted to senior reporter at Vox/Recode and she has been given a new beat — antitrust scrutiny and regulation of Big Tech. Since she joined Recode/Vox two years ago to cover privacy and personal data for the Open Sourced project, Sara has published excellent stories on privacy issues, but she’s also […]

Recode/Vox seek a billionaire power and influence reporter

Recode and Vox are looking for a senior reporter to cover a newly emerging beat that’s finally capturing more of the world’s attention: billionaire power and influence in the US. A newer class of billionaires has emerged in recent years as their tech companies have ascended to the top of the US economy and reshaped […]