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How Insider senior correspondent Ito spends her days

September 13, 2021

Posted by Chris Roush

Aki Ito

Business Insider senior correspondent Aki Ito spoke with Phil Rosen about how she covers the future of work.

Here is an excerpt:

What’s a day in the life of Aki Ito like?

It depends on whether I’m writing or not. On days I’m writing, I’m holed up in our guest bedroom, where I’ve set up my home office. I try not to take any calls, and I try to stay off of Slack and email and Twitter (with varying degrees of success). My wife hates these days because I’m heady and grumpy when she comes home from work. I worry a lot that my story’s never going to come together. I read all my first drafts out loud to her before I send them to my editor, and she has the incredibly unpleasant job of telling me whether she thinks they’re any good or not.

When I’m not writing, my days are a combination of reading other outlets, talking on the phone with sources, catching up with colleagues, brainstorming new story ideas with my editor, and reading and replying to email. These are the days I take our puppy out to our local dog park more often too.

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