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How Detrixhe covers the future of finance

March 13, 2018

Posted by Chris Roush

John Detrixhe
John Detrixhe

Quartz future of finance reporter John Detrixhe talked with Cognito’s Oliver Mann about his job.

Here is an excerpt:

OM: Can you tell me about Quartz. What’s the editorial agenda?

JD: We aim for a global audience. You have publications like The Atlantic, which is perhaps explaining America to America, or even America to the rest of the world. I would say Quartz has a more global perspective. I think what Quartz is also trying to do is arm you with interesting ideas; finding the sweet spot between what is interesting and important.

OM: What’s your day-to-day beat as Future of Finance reporter?

JD: My typical ‘Quartz day’ is a combination of balancing my work on short articles with research on longer features. I plant a lot of seeds, and I’m speaking to new people, thinking of fresh ideas and hopefully these are maturing at different times. What I’m trying to avoid is commoditised news. If I’m covering something everyone else is, and writing in the same way, then it may not be useful for readers. The goal is to write about it differently, provide a new perspective.

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