Sqoop, site used by biz reporters, is shutting down

Sqoop, a site used by business journalists to track Securities and Exchange Commission filings, as well as U.S. Patent and Trademark filings and federal lawsuits, is shutting. Founder Bill Hankes sent out the following on Friday: Hi everyone, I’m writing to share the disappointing news that I will be shutting down Sqoop. As most of you know, […]

English of Barron’s discusses her writing style and focus

Russell Sherman at Press Profiles interviewed Carleton English of Barron’s about her job and her career. “I think that they’re both outlets that are writer focused,” said English about working at Barron’s and The New York Post. She said she learned at The Post that story shaping and knowing your audience was vital. “The Post is so much […]

How Bloomberg’s Basak develops sources

Sonali Basak, global financial correspondent for Bloomberg Television, spoke with Russell Sherman, host of “Press Profiles,” about how she reports and writes, including using sources on background. Here is an excerpt: Russell Sherman You also try to talk to lawyers and CCOs, do you find them willing to engage? They’re not necessarily the money managers […]

Bloomberg EIC to staff: Be careful using Twitter as a source

Bloomberg News editor in chief John Micklethwait sent out the following to the staff on Tuesday: Recent changes at Twitter have heightened the risks for using the platform as a source of news. We need to remain vigilant in assessing misinformation and hoaxes. If you see potentially newsworthy content on Twitter, before you send a headline or […]

NPR’s Childs on reporting on the rich and powerful

Mary Childs, business journalist and co-host of NPR’s “Planet Money,” shares her hard-earned tips and tricks for reporting on the rich and powerful during this video session presented by the VPM + ICA Community Media Center. Childs explains how she navigated the trenchant reporting required for her new book “The Bond King” this book, including […]

How a NY Times reporter turned an angry reader into a story

Sarah Bahr of the New York Times interviewed Conor Dougherty, an economics reporter for The Times who focuses on the West Coast, about how he developed a story from a woman who wrote him a letter disagreeing about his coverage. Here is an excerpt: Did you know who she was? I recognized her name as […]

How Joe Nocera got inside a hostile takeover

Russell Gold of Texas Monthly writes about how former senior editor Joe Nocera got access to T. Boone Pickens during a hostile takeover back in 1982. Gold writes, “A few weeks earlier, Nocera had visited Pickens at his home in Amarillo. They dined on blackened catfish and drank a bottle of Pouilly-Fuissé. Nocera pitched Pickens on a […]

WSJ’s Gottfried talks about private equity coverage

Russell Sherman of Press Profiles spoke with Miriam Gottfried, senior private equity reporter at The Wall Street Journal, about how she covers her beat. Gottfried joined the Journal by working on the “Heard on the Street” column about investing in public companies. She moved to private equity in 2017. “I really wanted a beat that […]

Are reporters taking in-person meetings?

Back in March 2017 – when the topic of source meetings was last covered by this contributor –  White House press secretary Sean Spicer was charming the press corp, Instagram was cool, and there had been a grand total of 13 SPAC transactions the previous year. But things have changed. With variants varianting, and a […]

Business of Business EIC Smythe talks about white collar fraud

Christie Smythe, the editor in chief of website The Business of Business, talks about her job running the publication. She oversees its content, which includes technology, emerging trends and data. Smythe continues to do some writing. “There is more than enough work to go around for everyone,” she said. Smythe has focused her coverage on […]