What we can learn from lawyer’s letter to Business Insider

Bill Grueskin, a longtime business journalist, writes for Columbia Journalism Review about what can be learned from the letter sent to Business Insider regarding its coverage of plagiarism allegations against Neri Oxman. Grueskin writes: Do give subjects of your complicated stories time to respond.  After BI’s first Oxman story ran, the site quickly assembled another […]

CNBC’s Colarusso on how the news channel operates

Russell Sherman of the “Press Profiles” podcast interviewed CNBC senior vice president of news Dan Colarusso about his job and his career. Colarusso, who lives in Brooklyn, is typically in the CNBC office in New Jersey before 7 a.m. “I don’t sleep much,” he said. “Rest is for the dead.” He reads the Financial Times, […]

Swisher on when reporting leads to conclusions

Harry McCracken of Fast Company spoke with legendary tech journalist Kara Swisher about her career in advance of her new book being released on Tuesday: Here is an excerpt: You talk in the book about instances in which you gave advice to some of these tech executives. The upshot is usually that they didn’t follow it. […]

Retail reporter Holman: What shoppers think is the story

New York Times retail reporter Jordyn Holman was interviewed by the paper’s Josh Ocampo about covering the beat. Here is an excerpt: Many of your recent articles explored the challenges big retailers, like Macy’s, are facing. How do you explain their troubles? The way that consumers are shopping is changing more quickly than these large behemoths can change, or […]

Twin Cities Business editor Kaplan focused on expanding its readership

Rachel Hutton of the Star Tribune in Minneapolis profiles Ali Kaplan, the editor of Twin Cities Business. Hutton writes, “Kaplan’s role at Mpls.St.Paul led to her current one leading Twin Cities Business (the two magazines are owned by the same company). She’s the magazine’s first female editor, covering a male-dominated community. (In Minnesota, roughly 20% of executive […]

How a tech reporter wrote about OnlyFans as a business

Trevor Pyle of Nieman Storyboard writes about how Washington Post reporter Drew Harwell, who covers artificial intelligence and algorithms, wrote about OnlyFans, which he called a labor story. Pyle writes, “Harwell’s story probes OnlyFans not as a salacious sex site, but as a business. While Harwell doesn’t skirt around the online account’s sexual content, he’s more interested […]

Why CNBC’s Pisani thinks of who’s watching

Russell Sherman of the “Press Profiles” podcast interviewed CNBC senior markets analyst Bob Pisani about his career. Pisani has reported from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange for 26 years. And he likes to report based on what he thinks typical viewers want to know because he believes it makes his coverage more informative. “When I […]

Do reporters prefer an exclusive or embargo approach to pitching?

Between an exclusive and an embargo, intuitively it would seem that reporters would choose the exclusive approach. If an exclusive arrangement is like marriage, then embargoes are playing the field, with more than one reporter getting the goods at one time. Embargoes spread the love to a select group, giving different outlets the opportunity to […]

FT’s Massoudi on looking for characters to tell stories

Russell Sherman spoke with Financial Times corporate finance and deals editor Arash Massoudi about covering business on his “Press Profiles” podcast. Massoudi broke the story about how the Saudi Arabian wealth fund bought 5 percent in Tesla even though he wasn’t actively covering the company by simply following the money. Tesla CEO Elon Musk eventually […]

Questions for biz journalists covering sustainability to ask

Evie Liu of the Reuters Institute details five questions that business reporters should ask when they are covering sustainability. Liu writes, “Big corporations are some of the largest contributors to climate change, but they are also the victim of it. Climate stories in the business section can not only prompt wealthy and influential readers to drive […]