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Hottest TV anchors are at Bloomberg Television

February 2, 2012

Posted by Chris Roush

Carl Willott of MTV.com writes that the the most attractive female anchors on television work at Bloomberg Television, not at Fox News as many assume.

Willott writes, “Conventional wisdom dictates that Fox News hires the most ‘talented’ on-air female anchors. The network seems to draw on an apparently limitless supply of perky blonde vessels to spout right-leaning siren songs about imminent disaster and financial collapse.

“But does Fox News actually have the hottest anchors, or is this just one of those accepted social ‘facts’ that aren’t really true? This being a critical election year, we cannot abide vague assumptions; we must find hard truths. So as stewards of the media, it is our responsibility to get to the bottom of this pressing issue.

“We worked tirelessly, planting ourselves in front of the TV with a couple six packs, flipping between the news networks on mute. After hours of rigorously objectifying, we stumbled upon a shocking finding: Rupert Murdoch’s news channel does not have the highest number of hot anchors. Nope, that title goes to Bloomberg TV. Looks like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg knows how to pick ’em. MSNBC, on the other hand, really needs to pick up the pace.”

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