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November 2, 2005

Jeremy Caplan is a New York-based reporter for Time magazine. He has worked as Associate Editor at Time Magazine for Kids and at The Paris Review, Newsweek, and Yahoo! Internet Life reporting and writing about technology, the arts, food, education and other subjects.

On Jeremy’s Web site, he has a list of the best of online business journalism. The articles are:

1. Salon: Who Will Profit from Rebuilding Iraq?
2. Slate: Making Sense of the Enron Mess – Makes a Dull Topic More Interesting
3. Business 2.0: The 3rd Annual 101 Dumbest Moments in Business History
4. CNBC: Tracking and Explaining Enron’s Troubles, Early On
5. CNet News: Covering the Microsoft Case from Multiple Angles
6. MSNBC: Airport Screening Game – Brings Us In and Deepens Our Understanding
7. The Idaho Statesman: Business News Outside of Urban Centers

In addition, Jeremy’s Web site offers the following links for developing great online business journalism:

1. Wharton: Generating Ideas for Great Business Coverage
2. Argmax: Economic News, Data and Analysis
3. Corante: Biz Tech News Filtered and Blogged
4. XPlane: Pure Biz Blog

Simply put, there is some great stuff on Jeremy’s page. Two thumbs up!!

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