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Criticism of Forbes article on blogging

January 28, 2006

The blogging world has been abuzz the past few days about a recent Forbes article on, what else, the blogging world.

The Forbes article in question is “Tapping into the blogosphere” by Tom Taulli, and it was posted on the magazine’s Web site on Wednesday.

PR blog expert B.L. Ochman wrote, “Sometimes, comments to posts get overlooked. I don’t want this one, about Forbes Magazine’s sloppy reporting and editing, to be missed. The other day, I noted that Tom Taulli’s story on blogging in the current issue – particularly a quote of Bob Wyman of PubSub, seems to have been strangely edited, perhaps by an editor who is clueless about blogging. Some of the comments seem clearly to have been taken out of context. Or maybe Taulli really doesn’t get blogs.”

Added WebProNews.com staff writer John Stith: “The problem for Forbes here is blogger buzz. They received a lot bad blogger buzz when they published their story back in November ripping bloggers to pieces. It was open season on Forbes. Now, in the article that looks like a “kiss-and-make-up” story about how good the blogosphere is and what it can do for business, they get their facts wrong by attributing a quote to the wrong person. If bloggers are to be held to a higher standard, the communicators who were their first must set the standard by the quality of their own work.”

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