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At Morning Brew, the focus is on engagement, not scale

October 26, 2020

Posted by Chris Roush

Jenny Rothenberg of business news newsletter Morning Brew writes about its strategy, which focuses on engagement.

Rothenberg writes, “Even with an A+ product, flawless deliverability, and an optimized onboarding process, there are always going to be subscribers who never engage or become disengaged. Some are out of our control, like users entering the wrong email address or subscribing with their work email and leaving their job. Others just lose interest.

“Regardless, subscribers who aren’t engaging with our content aren’t doing anything for us except potentially harming our deliverability. Sending daily emails to users who are not engaging can damage your sender reputation, making it more difficult to reach the inbox. Our newsletters ending up in spam is quite literally the subject of my nightmares, so to prevent this we have a strict churning process in place.

“A reader will enter our churn flow when they fall into either of these two buckets…

  1. A reader signed up 18 days ago and has not opened or clicked at all
  2. A reader has not opened or clicked in 90 days, regardless of their signup date

“When either of these criteria is met, we send them an automated email asking if they’re still interested in receiving the Brew. Here, we remind them what the Brew is all about and give them access to recent content.”

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