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Bloomberg columnist Levine: Panic is my motivator

December 19, 2021

Posted by Chris Roush

Matt Levine

Neal Freyman of Morning Brew spoke with Bloomberg Opinion columnist Matt Levine about his career.

Here is an excerpt:

Give us a sense of your writing setup. Two monitors? Coffee? Music?

I mostly write from home, on a Mac desktop with one big monitor. Sometimes I go to the office, where I have a PC with two monitors and I get all the keystrokes wrong. I drink coffee. I subscribe to the Flow State newsletter and sometimes I put on their sort of ambient-ish music to write.

But mostly I have no repeatable process, I just wake up and panic until there’s a newsletter. I have been doing it long enough that the panic feels less overwhelming; I figure I have a good track record of producing a newsletter every day, so the odds that today’s the day it stops working are low. But I do text my friends most days saying “help I have nothing to write about” or “help I have forgotten how to write” or “help—today’s the day it stops working.”

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