British Independent newspaper tries to devise new stock listing

Jeremy Warner of the Independent, a London-based newspaper, notes that the paper has been trying to come up with a better stock index to gauge the performance of the London market, but without much success. Warner writes, “Tricky things, stock market indices, as the business reporting team at The Independent has discovered in attempting to […]

Defense attorney blames Wall Street Journal for Enron's demise

Mike Ramsey, who represents former Enron Corp. CEO Ken Lay in the current conspiracy and fraud trial by the government against Skilling and Lay over the energy company’s demise, made his opening statement in court today, and he blamed the company’s problems on Wall Street Journal reporters talking to shortsellers, according to Houston Chronicle columnist […]

Is the Wall Street Journal cutting back overseas?

In a story in the American Journalism Review about the New York Times’ efforts to revamp and revitalize the International Herald Tribune, the reference is made that the IHT is going up against the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times for overseas readers. In that context, there is a discussion as to whether the Wall […]

Wall Street Journal adds people index

The Wall Street Journal began a people index in today’s newspaper. Like its popular company index, which tells readers what page a company is mentioned on in that day’s newspaper, the people index will tell readers when prominent people are mentioned in stories. The New York Times’ Katherine Seelye covered the change in today’s paper […]

Wall Street Journal tidbits from earnings release

Dow Jones released its fourth-quarter earnings today, and disclosed the following pieces of information about the Wall Street Journal: 1. Losses from the Weekend Edition of The Wall Street Journal, launched Sept. 17, were about five cents per share in the fourth quarter. 2. Advertising linage at the U.S. Wall Street Journal, including Weekend Edition, […]

Business journalists and numbers

Richard Holden, a former editor at the Wall Street Journal who is now executive director of the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund, has spent the past few years collecting examples from newspapers of how journalists improperly use numbers in their writing. He also teaches seminars across the country to journalists on how to better use numbers. […]

Wall Street Journal TV show on Fox debuts this weekend

Here is a snippet of the release: “The Journal Editorial Report, a production of The Wall Street Journal, will debut on FOX News Channel (FNC) on Saturday, January 21st at 11 PM/ET. The program will also run on Sunday at 6 AM/ET. “Hosted by Editorial Page Editor Paul Gigot, the weekly half-hour program features newsmakers […]

Press release masquerading as a WSJ story

That’s the conclusion that Fortune senior writer Devin Leonard reached about the Wall Street Journal’s coverage of the change in management at parent Dow Jones & Co. last week. “The newspaper read — and feared — by everybody in corporate America published the equivalent of a press release,” wrote Leonard. He added: “Here’s what you […]

More on Dow Jones shakeup

You know it’s a big deal in business journalism when Newsweek decides to cover the boardroom shakeup at Dow Jones, the parent of The Wall Street Journal. In the Jan. 16 issue, which is available online, writer Jonathan Darman has a couple of interesting points to make about the departure of CEO Peter Kann and […]

How will WSJ cover this executive compensation story?

I’m big on reading SEC filings, and the 8-K filed by Dow Jones disclosing the compensation of departing Wall Street Journal publisher Karen Elliott House is sure to draw a lot of attention as a follow-up to Tuesday’s major news of the management shakeup at the company. House, according to the filing, which was first […]