WSJ reporter leaving for proxy firm

Jonathan Weil, a Wall Street Journal reporter widely credited with being the first business journalist to question Enron’s accounting back before the energy company exploded, is leaving the newspaper to join Glass Lewis & Co., a San Francisco-based independent investment advisory firm and proxy advisory firm. Weil was covering financial and accounting fraud at the […]

More on Zannino

More important snippets from coverage of the change at the top at Dow Jones: 1. Richard Zannino, the incoming CEO of Dow Jones, told the Washington Post that he has no plans of getting rid of Barron’s, the company’s weekly business newspaper aimed at investors. The newspaper has lost 30 percent of its ads, according […]

Where does a daily paper run its stock story?

Having spent the last three days at my parent’s house in suburban Atlanta, I was able to read the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on a regular basis once again. I worked on the business desk there from 1994-97, covering Home Depot and Coke. Not much has changed, but one thing that I did notice was that all […]

Dow Jones to sell out in 2006?

That’s the prediction of Peter Newcomb at Forbes, who writes today that he thinks that the Bancroft family, which controls the majority of stock in the company, will sell Dow Jones, including the Wall Street Journal. Read the entire posting online here. Here is his prediction: “The Bold Prediction The Bancroft clan finally throws in […]

MarketWatch losing readers?

Business 2.0 has a nice update on the Dow Jones acquisition of the CBS Marketwatch web site, which occurred almost a year ago. Seems that the site has lost a lot of viewers and that Dow Jones, which does not have a good history when it comes to acquisitions, may have overpaid. To read the […]

Contradictory stories

Very rarely in business journalism do you see an instance of one prominent media outlet reporting on a business story and then another prominent media outlet reporting on the same story but essentially saying that the other media outlet got it wrong. But that’s the case with the coverage of money manager Private Capital Management’s […]

LA Times and Chicago Trib considering cutting stock listings

The story was in the Wall Street Journal this morning. You can read it here. This does not surprise me. Many newspapers have cut their stock listings in the past few years, and some papers only run the stocks that are widely held in their area. But the big metropolitan papers have always run a […]

The country's best economics reporters

As David Warsh, editor of, so eloquently puts it, “It may not be a golden age of economic journalism. The traditional means of support — advertising — has been too undependable for that, thanks to a cataract of technological change. But there are plenty of new rafts on the river. There’s even reason to […]

Good list of blogs for business journalists

The Wall Street Journal published a list this morning of the best blogs that its reporters use when chasing down stories or in finding information on their beat. The list can be found here. If you cover one of the industries discussed in one of these blogs, then it’s probably worth your while to check […]

Investigative business reporting

Chip Scanlan, the writing coach at the Poynter Institute, recently conducted an interview with investigations editor Mark Maremont of the Wall Street Journal about a front-page story he wrote on CEOs using corporate jets to go play golf in far-flung locations. It can be found here. If you’re interested in executive compensation or how the […]