"House" cleaning at the Wall Street Journal

The New York Post’s Keith Kelly states in this morning’s paper that some of the people leaving the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones are those that were close to former publisher Karen Elliott House, who left recently along with husband CEO Peter Kann. Kelly reports: “Most people are chalking up some of the high-level […]

Greenspan talking with WSJ reporter about book

Former Federal Reserve Board chairman Alan Greenspan, who stepped down earlier this month, is talking with David Wessel, the Wall Street Journal’s deputy Washington bureau chief and author of the paper’s Capital column, talked about collaborating on a book, according to a Dow Jones news item. “We don’t have any formal agreement and won’t attempt […]

Dow Jones management shuffle continues

The new publisher of the Wall Street Journal is L. Gordon Crovitz. He is also becoming an executive vice president at Dow Jones and will oversee Barron’s and MarketWatch as well. Crovitz served since October 1998 as senior vice president of Dow Jones and president of the Electronic Publishing group, where he was responsible for […]

The Wall Street Journal's redesign

Mario Garcia, a well-known newspaper designer, said in an article this morning that he wished that The Wall Street Journal would become a tabloid — a move unlikely to happen. Garcia, in the St. Petersburg Times, also said about the Wall Street Journal’s redesign: “‘It’s basically a rethinking . . . (according to) how people […]

Wall Street Journal media reporter leaving for New York magazine

According to the Gawker blog: “Dashing Joe Hagan, the media-reporting up-and-comer who only nine months ago left the peach playpen of The New York Observer, where he’d been the NYTV columnist, to take over the media beat at The Wall Street Journal, is now set to leave the Journal and become a contract writer at […]

Innovation journalism fellows named

Stanford University has started a program to teach journalists how to write better about how innovation affects the business world and the larger society. It named its first fellows for the program today. The press release states: “The fellows represent influential newsrooms in Sweden and Finland, together with the U.S. ranked as the most competitive […]

Barron's online to keep site free until Feb. 20

The Dow Jones subsidiary is hoping to attract more visitors to its online site by keeping it available to the general public before it cuts them off and makes everything available only to subscribers. They recently disclosed that they have 45,000 paying subscribers since they split the paid online away from the Wall Street Journal. […]

Barney Calame to speak in Mississippi

Barney Calame, who won the SABEW Distinguished Achievement Award in 2002 and is now the public editor of the New York Times, will speak in Mississippi this coming Thursday. Calame was a long-time fixture at SABEW functions before retiring from the Wall Street Journal at the beginning of 2005. He has been the public editor […]

Wall Street Journal and Barron's ad lineage improves

Dow Jones reported today improved ad sales for its two flagship publications, The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s. Here is what the press release said: “Advertising linage at The Wall Street Journal, including Weekend Edition increased 8.0% in January due to increases in classified, technology and general advertising, partially offset by a decrease in financial […]

Critic: Saturday Wall Street Journal is a beached whale

Hamilton Nolan of PR Week has harsh words for the Wall Street Journal, specifically its new Saturday edition, which debuted last year. He fears that the Saturday edition, plus other changes to the business newspaper, are the beginning of a downslide. Nolan writes: “The easily accessible index will make negative news buried on the inside […]