WSJ will start a daily podcast in 2019

Anthony Galloway, global head of video at The Wall Street Journal, sent out the following announcement on Friday: All, I’m writing to share some exciting news: The Wall Street Journal plans to launch a daily podcast early next year, in partnership with Gimlet, a leading producer of audio content. Our new podcast, which is planned […]

How the FT is using game mechanics to lower subscriber churn

The Financial Times is using game mechanics — assigning points to articles read by consumers — to lower its subscriber churn, reports Lucinda Southern of Digiday. Southern writes, “In mid-October, the publisher introduced Knowledge Builder to 13 percent of its subscribers, a point-scoring system so readers can keep track of how the FT’s journalism builds their […]

Quartz is looking to use computers more in reporting

Quartz is looking to incorporate computers more in the reporting of those articles, reports Tim Peterson of Digiday. Peterson writes, “Quartz has formed the Quartz AI Studio to produce articles that use machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence that trains computers to identify patterns and anomalies and otherwise analyze data, to assist in the […]

Quartz is launching subscription membership service, new app

Quartz is launching a subscription tier for its business coverage and a new app that will offer aggregated news and user discussion with the aim of avoiding the negativity that plagues debate on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, reports Matthew Garrahan of the Financial Times. Garrahan writes, “The new services are the digital […]

FT launches tool that helps readers track what they read

The Financial Times has launched Knowledge Builder, a new tool to help readers take control of the amount of information they read about a topic, reports Caroline Scott of Scott reports, “The tool will track the articles that subscribers read, giving them an indication of the amount of information they have read on a topic, and suggesting […]

The FT has launched an audio daily news briefing

Financial Times has launched “FT News Briefing,” an audio rundown of the top global business stories of the day, designed for use with Google Assistant/Home and Amazon Alexa. The briefing is also available as a podcast Each day, editors will select the top business, markets and global news stories and deliver the briefing from the […]

Forbes experiments with stories published to the blockchain

Business magazine Forbes is joining forces with Civil, a journalism blockchain network, to become the first major media company to experiment with publishing stories to the blockchain, reports Sara Fischer of Axios. Fischer reports, “Many publishers are skeptical of introducing blockchain technology into their supply chains, because it’s new and it’s difficult to understand. Forbes is sending […]

Bloomberg Media has a text-to-audio function on its app for multitaskers

Bloomberg Media introduced a text-to-audio function in its app and online with the hunch that commuters would prefer to multitask while getting their news, reports Lucinda Southern of Digiday. Southern writes, “According to Julia Beizer, global chief product officer, adoption started off slow, particularly on mobile web, and shortly after launch, people were listening to two and a […]

Bloomberg opens new NY studio with 10 cameras

Bloomberg News launched its new multi-platform broadcast studio in its global headquarters in New York City this week. The new studio is home to Bloomberg’s radio programs, including “Bloomberg Surveillance” with Tom Keene, Jonathan Ferro and Pimm Fox, “Bloomberg Markets,” with Fox and Lisa Abramowicz, and the newly re-launched afternoon drive program “Bloomberg Businessweek” with […]

Bloomberg launches The Bulletin for its mobile app

Bloomberg Media’s innovation lab BHIVE has rolled out The Bulletin on its mobile application. The Bulletin provides a summary of the top three stories of the moment, leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to generate a single sentence summary of the most important articles within Bloomberg’s global news network. The list refreshes each time […]