Bloomberg’s Tic Toc now has its own website

Bloomberg’s TicToc, the 24/7 news network on Twitter, is launching an owned and operated digital video platform, reports Sarah Fischer of Axios. Fischer writes, “Details: The new site, at, will be designed to function almost like a Spotify for news video. It’s mobile-first and includes a feed-like interface that feels like a mobile app. The videos, less than […]

Bloomberg’s TicToc to expand into other languages

Max Willens of Digiday interviewed Bloomberg Media CEO Justin Smith about the company’s plans for 2019. Here is an excerpt: What’s the goal for the new businesses in 2019? TicToc was profitable in our first year. A number of these businesses actually started off without requiring a large amount of capital, and that’s because they […]

Talking Biz News is now available on your smartphone

Talking Biz News can now be accessed through your smartphone with an app. The app is free to download. The app includes features not available on the website, such as push notifications and personalizing the home page so that it only shows news about specific business news organizations or topics such as economics reporting, job […]

The Economist is launching a daily news podcast

The Economist is the latest publisher to launch a daily news podcast in order to broaden its reach in audio and ultimately drive people to subscribe, reports Lucinda Southern of Digiday. Southern writes, “Starting Jan. 29., at 11 a.m. U.K. time each weekday, the publisher will release a 20-minute daily global current-affairs podcast, ‘The Intelligence.’ […]

How the Quartz AI studio helps journalists write stories

Marcela Kunova of writes about how the Quartz artificial intelligence studio is helping reporters use machine learning to write better stories. Kunova writes, “The good news is that machine-learning tools available via the platform can help journalists analyse data even if they have no coding or maths skills. “Keefe explained that computers can help journalists […]

Forbes is building more AI tools for its writers

Forbes has developed more artificial intelligence tools for its contributors, reports Max Willens of Digiday. Willens writes, “Over the summer, the business publisher, which just had its most profitable year in more than a decade, rolled out a new CMS, called Bertie, which recommends article topics for contributors based on their previous output, headlines based on the sentiment of […]

How the WSJ is examining engagement to reduce churn

Anne Powell, associate director of member engagement at Dow Jones, writes about how The Wall Street Journal reduces churn among its readers. Powell writes, “When we looked at the data around churn, we found there was a direct correlation between engagement and churn. This discovery led us to our engagement north star: average active days. […]

Indianapolis Biz Journal to expand digital offerings in 2019

Greg Morris, the publisher of the Indianapolis Business Journal, writes about the publication’s plans for 2019. Morris writes, “I’m excited as I look ahead to what we’ll provide IBJ readers in 2019. I can’t spill all the beans now, but you’ll find some expanded coverage of key industries and we’re working on new ideas for […]

How Bloomberg Media is testing emerging technologies that affect news consumption

Karen Johnson, head of design research at Bloomberg Media, writes about how the company is testing how emerging technologies could improve the news experience for consumers. Johnson writes, “It might seem obvious — design news services with people’s real needs in mind — but a day-in-the-life of a typical news user would point to a very different reality. Take […]

Cheddar is putting its content on augmented reality headsets

Business news service Cheddar is putting its content on Magic Leap One augmented reality devices, reports Sara Fischer of Axios. Fischer reports, “The move is part of a bigger trend of media companies pushing to try new forms of distribution. Cheddar’s lead mobile engineer, Stephanie Lo, who built the beta version of the service, says […]