WSJ rolls out a new iPad app

Lydia Serota, the mobile editor at The Wall Street Journal, sent out the following announcement on Thursday to the staff: We’ve rolled out an exciting update to our iPad app that incorporates the best of our iPhone curation and design. We expect this new look, featuring better visuals and story layouts, to improve the WSJ […]

WSJ strikes video, live events partnership deal with Twitter

Wall Street Journal editor in chief Matt Murray sent out the following announcement on Monday to the staff: Dear All, We’re delighted to announce that this evening we will formally be announcing a new partnership with Twitter that will expand our video and live events programming on the Journal’s largest social platform: WSJ What’s Now is […]

The WSJ is adding more news to its apps

Wall Street Journal editor in chief Matt Murray sent out the following to the staff: Dear All: This week we’ve added more news — and thus more depth — to our WSJ apps by incorporating stories from Dow Jones Newswires. You’ll now see a mix of articles from and newswires in the Business & Tech, Markets […]

Forbes creates video-streaming platform for entrepreneurs

Forbes has created an over-the-top streaming video platform for entrepreneurs, reports Sara Guaglione of Publishers Daily. Guaglione writes, “Called Forbes8, the platform features more than 2,000 pieces of content. It aims to serve as a resource for entrepreneurs, like a Netflix for budding business people. Forbes8 costs $8.99 a month in the U.S. “Forbes calls it a ‘purpose-built […]

Bloomberg TicToc wants to be the news publisher you trust

Jean Ellen Cowgill, general manager of TicToc by Bloomberg and global head of digital strategy and business development for Bloomberg Media, spoke at SXSW Interactive about TicToc’s strategy. Here are some excerpts: On the success of TicToc by Bloomberg as a new format: “We launched TicToc, which is intended to reach a new audience, a […]

What makes a good personal finance podcast

Personal finance news operation The Motley Fool, celebrating the 10th anniversary of its first podcast, plans to launch an international-focused podcast later this spring. It will be Motley Fool’s second international podcast, after one in Australia, said Chris Hill, who hosts “Market Fool Money” and “MarketFoolery” and oversees The Motley Fool’s audio programming, including podcasts, radio, […]

Try Talking Biz News on your phone

Talking Biz News is now available on your smartphone with an app. The app is free to download. The app includes features not available on the website, such as push notifications and personalizing the home page so that it only shows news about specific business news organizations or topics such as economics reporting, job changes […]

Bloomberg’s TicToc is going into New York cabs and airports

Bloomberg’s TicToc is now available in New York taxis and Bloomberg has signed a deal with Reach TV to bring TicToc content to 500 screens in 30 airports across America, reports Ian Burrell of The Drum. Burrell writes, “‘Ultimately what we want to do is create a news brand that people trust and that they […]

The rise of the robot business reporter

Jaclyn Peiser writes for The New York Times about how business news organizations are using computers and programs to write stories. Peiser writes, “Roughly a third of the content published by Bloomberg News uses some form of automated technology. The system used by the company, Cyborg, is able to assist reporters in churning out thousands […]

How Bloomberg focuses on technology to help its news outfit

Pooja Malpani, Bloomberg Media’s head of engineering, did a Q&A where she spoke about technical challenges faced by the media industry. Here is an excerpt: How has the development of technology solutions for the media industry changed since you started in the field? We’ve gone from analog to digital video and from DVDs and CDs […]