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A business-friendly cable network? Unlikely

February 18, 2007

Tribune Media Services columnist Andrew Leckey, who is also director of the Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism, writes Sunday that it’s unlikely that the new Fox Business Channel will be friendlier to business than CNBC.

Andrew LeckeyLeckey wrote, “Neil Cavuto, managing editor for business news for Fox, has a reputation as a well-researched, hard-hitting journalist. That won’t change, even if there may be a few controversial on-air hires at the new network that will surprise for various reasons.

“But the ‘Up With People’ for business? No way.

“What tactician and former political adviser Ailes has done, at an opportune moment when CNBC has revived, is position his product as something different, as he did with Fox News. Whether it is or isn’t more friendly to business, he is encouraging viewers to take a look and make their own decision. It won’t be a CNBC clone.

“Ailes aims to put CNBC in a quandary over providing more serious and even-handed coverage than during the market run-up, while not appearing antagonistic toward business. Plus, who in business could be against friendly coverage?

“Most business journalists and business people would agree that quality, sophisticated coverage of business is a positive for companies and investors alike.”

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