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Why Mark Haines was special

May 25, 2011

Posted by Chris Roush

Eric Jackson of Forbes writes Wednesday afternoon about what made CNBC anchor Mark Haines, who died Tuesday, so special.

Jackson writes, “He was willing to disagree with guests and challenge their unverified ‘talking points.’  And not just in a polite way but in a direct and passionate way.

“I didn’t always agree with Mark’s views, but it was so refreshing to watch someone say on TV what most were thinking at home.

“Why is this so unique? Unfortunately, not just in business TV journalism but in journalism in general, something has happened in the last 15 years.

“Mark Haines or Andy Rooney wouldn’t be hired if they were 25 and trying to break into the business today.  They would be seen as not playing by the rules or full of themselves. Opinions and investigative journalism aren’t welcome in journalism today — especially not on television.

“If you are some 20-something and aspire to be on TV today, you had better be good-looking and articulate.  You don’t have to even know that much about business.  Let’s face it, you can fake it.  Producers can whisper in your ear, you can read the teleprompter, you can be told how to pronounce certain words, or how to calculate fair value of the S&P Futures.”

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