Wallace, former BusinessWeek assistant ME, dies at 83

David Wallace, an assistant managing editor at BusinessWeek for more than a decade, died Monday at the age of 83. An obituary states, “Following his discharge, he became a reporter at the Associated Press in Pittsburgh before being transferred to Washington, DC and moving on to Reuters in 1977. As a correspondent he covered economic […]

Gelbspan, exposed oil and gas company efforts to deny global warming, dies at 84

Ross Gelbspan, an investigative journalist whose climate change reporting exposed a campaign of disinformation by oil and gas companies, has died at the age of 84. Trip Gabriel of the New York Times reports, “In a second book, ‘Boiling Point’ (2004), Mr. Gelbspan was tough on his own profession, accusing reporters of laziness in falling for […]

Fetterman, biz journalist for USA Today, Dallas Morning News, dies at 68

Mindy Fetterman, who was a business reporter and deputy managing editor for the Money section at USA Today, died Thursday at the age of 68. She was also business editor of the Dallas Morning News from 1998 to 2000. An obituary reads, “Over the course of a classic journalism career, Mindy moved from the Moline […]

Silberman, Washington Post editor who launched weekly biz section, dies at 93

Peter Silberman, a former Washington Post editor who started its weekly business section, died Thursday at the age of 93. Adam Bernstein of the Post writes, “After joining The Post in 1960, Mr. Silberman spent more than three decades at the newspaper, mainly as an editor and initially on the foreign and national desks. Later, as […]

Warren, Bloomberg Opinion editor, dies at 64

John Micklethwait, the editor in chief at Bloomberg, sent out the following: It is with great sadness that I share the news that Susan Warren has died. Susan, our Dallas Bureau Chief for over a decade, did as much as anybody to build Bloomberg’s reputation in Texas. For the past three years, she worked as […]

Zimmerman, former American Banker editor, dies at 82

William Zimmerman, who joined American Banker as a copy editor after graduating from Queens College in the early 1960s and rose to serve as editor-in-chief from 1980 to 1989, died Sunday at the age of 82. John Reosti of American Banker writes, “Zimmerman, who was 82, led American Banker during a decade that witnessed both the […]

Crain’s New York’s Flamm dies at 70

Matthew Flamm, a longtime reporter at Crain’s New York Business who covered transportation, technology and cannabis, passed away Jan. 2 after a nearly two-year battle with brain cancer at the age of 70. Aaron Elstein of Crain’s New York writes, “Flamm wrote for the New York Post and the New York Observer before joining Crain’s in 2004, where he stayed until his retirement on Feb. 7, 2020. In […]

Oslund, former Star Tribune assistant biz editor, dies at 70

John Oslund, longtime business journalist at the Minneapolis Star Tribune, died at the age of 70 from Alzheimer’s disease. Patrick Kennedy of the Star Tribune writes, “Oslund, who retired in 2014, attended the University of Minnesota but left in 1977 a few credits shy of his undergraduate degree to become a copy boy at the Minneapolis Star. […]

Smith, WSJ reporter who uncovered Enron misdeeds, dies at 68

Rebecca Smith, a Wall Street Journal reporter who used her in-depth knowledge of the utility business to expose Enron’s financial deceit, died on Dec. 15 from complications of an autoimmune disease. She was 68. Katherine Blunt of The Journal reports, “Smith, who worked at The Wall Street Journal for more than 20 years, was regarded as […]

Finney, longtime Times-Picayune biz reporter, dies at 73

Mary Judice Finney, a business reporter at the New Orleans Times-Picayune for 30 years, died Wednesday at the age of 73. John Pipe writes, “The energy crisis of 1979 hit shortly after she started writing about the oil and gas industry. She kept busy writing front-page stories about developments in that vital sector of the state’s […]