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The Microsoft-Yahoo rumors and the business media

June 25, 2008

Jonathan Berr of Bloggingstocks.com writes about the latest rumors surrounding the off-again, on-again Microsoft-Yahoo deal and how business journalists are taking to denying rumors reported by others.

Microsoft/YahooBerr writes, “Earlier today, TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington reported that the talks were back on but also noted that ‘The information we have is thin, but what one source is saying that Microsoft is talking a price lower than the $33.’ Thin? So even Arrington was not sure whether he was being told the truth. Interesting.

CNET’s Dawn Kawamoto refuted TechCrunch’s post, arguing that all Microsoft wanted to do was ‘sweeten its previous offer’ of a partial buyout of Yahoo!’s search business, citing ‘one major investor who has been in contact without parties.’

“So, Kawamoto is taking the word of one person to make such a bold statement. This person must be very important if both Microsoft and Yahoo! are willing to confide their most inner-most confidences in him or her. Or maybe not. It’s tough to tell. Dow Jones Newswires also denied Arrington’s report but added that its sources ‘indicated the companies might be open to alternative transactions’ whatever that means.”

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