Personal finance columnist: Cutting stock listings long overdue

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  1. I found two of Scott Burns’ comments particularly insightful in light of the accelerating erosion of the newspaper industry:

    1. His vow to live so that his employer “would worry about how to keep me, rather than how to get rid of me.�
    2. His criticism of newspaper managers who view their papers as “`properties’ — rather than collections of talent awaiting redeployment.�

    My suggestion to journalists: redeploy thyself.

    I left newspapers (The Philadelphia Inquirer) nine years ago. Now I’m launching a collaborative venture to provide journalists a) entrepreneurial skills to escape the shackles of old media’s failing business model and b) multimedia skills to capitalize on the Web’s potential for rich story-telling and in-depth reporting. We plan to launch the first in a series of workshops this summer.

    If you’d like to control your own destiny, or to help us in this quest, join us at the TreeHouse Media Project (

    Rich Heidorn Jr.

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