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Network news spins gas price increases

April 27, 2006

The Media Research Center is accusing the network news shows of spinning the story of higher gas prices, framing it as a profit gouging story against the big oil companies. In one case, the reporting by the networks contradicted themselves.

Higher gas pricesThe MRC writes, “The broadcast network evening shows delivered a variety of spins Tuesday night on the price of gas, with CBS raising a ‘windfall tax on big oil’ and featuring an in-studio segment with left-wing busybody Eliot Spitzer, the Attorney General of New York, about price gouging and NBC’s Brian Williams worried about the concerns of those want a ‘greener America.’ ABC’s Betsy Stark rejected the price-gouging charge and while CBS insisted that eliminating environmental regulations would have little effect, Stark reported such a suspension would have an immediate impact.

“CBS Evening News anchor Russ Mitchell asked White House reporter Jim Axelrod about the idea of ‘slapping a windfall tax on big oil companies for these record profits that they’re making?’ Mitchell then turned to Spitzer: ‘As a consumer, it seems like it’s the wild West. How easy is it for a gas station, for an oil company to just jack up the price of gas?’ NBC’s Williams set up a story on President Bush’s proposals by citing how ‘advocates for a greener America’ are ‘seeing red over what they see as a quickly degrading environment.’ Williams soon asked David Gergen ‘what are the chances’ that the high prices will lead the U.S. to now move from a ‘carbon based society to one that’s more green?’ Gergen replied: ‘Well, one hopes that’s the case…’

Read more analysis of the coverage here.

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