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Neil Cavuto's interest in sex-related businesses

February 15, 2006

The blog News Hounds likes to criticize Fox and Neil Cavuto on a regular basis, and the critique of Cavuto’s show on Tuesday was hilarious.

The blog wrote: “The ‘Fox Stox’ portion of Your World w/Neil Cavuto is a roughly 90-second segment during which Cavuto rattles off selected ‘business news’ headlines. Today’s (February 14, 2006) Fox Stox began with a blurb about Warner Music Group. Next, Cavuto reported about ‘Playboy bursting at the seams’ (complete with video of Hugh Hefner surrounded by Playboy ‘bunnies’). Following that, Cavuto uncharacteristically covered a protest. Apparently, there are protests and then there are protests – this protest featured three nearly-naked women from PETA protesting the fur industry. As Cavuto spoke, Fox aired video of three women ‘dressed’ like this. Then came the final entry, a piece about the upcoming Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

“Over video of approximately nine Sports Illustrated models strolling on a beach wearing tiny white bikinis, Cavuto said this (with a straight face no less):

“And, it’s the most widely read magazine on the planet, this particular issue the most popular on the planet. I’m talking about the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. There’s very big money involved, obviously we wouldn’t cover it if it wasn’t. The issue will reach an estimated 64 million adults at $5.99 a pop. For the first time, you’ll be able to download video of the swimsuit models to your iPod for a buck 99 apiece.”

Read the entire piece here. First time I’ve seen the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition covered from a business angle.

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