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Neil Cavuto on Friday's unemployment numbers

February 4, 2006

The blog News Hounds critiqued Neil Cavuto’s coverage of the unemployment numbers on Friday as being extremely pro-Bush while other media outlets seemed to ignore the statistics that showed a four-year low.

News Hounds wrote, “Cavuto would have his audience believe that the numbers prove that the Bush administration has a steady, knowledgeable hand on the economy, and father-Bush is doing all the right things to bring wealth and prosperity to each and every one of us. The only problem is, the media doesn’t report it.

“In a segment initially titled, ‘Jobs Bonanza!’, Cavuto wondered why all the ‘good news about the economy’ is ‘all but ignored by many in the media?’ As he introduced his round table panel, a chyron appeared at the bottom of the screen: ‘95% of America Has Jobs: Where are the Headlines?’

“Fox’s Rebecca Gomez said she thought the media was just ‘shortsighted’ because one minute they’re making a big deal about the GDP and the next they’re under-reporting the jobless rate.

“Regular guest Charles Payne, of Wall Street Strategies, who Cavuto has admonished before for not playing to the ‘theme’ of a segment, said, ‘This, this is great news.’ A ‘lot of average people out there don’t see the good things in this country…it has a lot, obviously to do with the media.'”

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