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November 17, 2005

Here are some more business news blogs that I have found while trolling the Internet:

1. Todd Bishop, who covers Microsoft for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, has a blog about, you guessed it, Microsoft and more Microsoft. It can be read here.

2. The Christian Science Monitor has a blog on science and technology. Not everything here is business related. Read it here.

3. Arnold Kling’s blog on tech news was apparently an early entry into the field. Note that it hasn’t been updated since March, when Arnold said he was taking a break for a few months. It can be read here.

4. Fortune magazine has a weblog written by Peter Lewis. It can be found here. Big revelation: This is also a blog on the technology industry.

5. Young Professionals is a blog compiled by Denise Polverine for the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

6. Silicon Valley Watcher is a blog by a former Financial Times writer on the business of, you guessed it, the Silicon Valley. Again, lots of tech stuff here.

7. St. Louis Post-Dispatch technology columnist David Sheets also has a blog at the newspaper called Talking Tech. It’s about, no surprise, tech stuff. Read it here.

If anyone else knows about a business journalism-related blog out there, please pass it along.

Why are there no blogs from business journalists about, say, the financial services industry?

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