Is the business press fair game for the SEC?

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  1. John Rock says:

    This is absurd. Its the press and the shorts that detect and report crime , NOT the SEC. They know it, i know it and you all know it. Don’t believe me ? File a freedom of information request with the SEC and get a tally of the investigations were started by press reports. Greenberg has been doing this stuff for years . The SEC knows exactly what he is all about……The subpeonas are a outrage .

  2. ranger says:

    The reporing of this whole incident is misleading. The problem as I see it is this. Stocks go up and down based on information flow, or lack of information (speculation). If you buy a stock you want it to go up. If you sell a stock you want it to go down. The catalyist is information flow. If you can create information to support your position after you take the position then that is wrong according to who? If the information is accurate then was it created or just highlighted? It will very interesting to see where the investigation goes. I have never seen anybody complain about positive reports being created (from facts) when holders of a stock prosper from the information. The real culprit is greed and not being able to control human nature. The hedge funds created over the last couple of years are pressured to produce income and the amount of money makes illegal activity a given. The SEC needs to understand that illegal activity is going to occur. The internet will evetually equal the playing field for all and this is just an example of how the flow of information is going to be distributed. What a great time to be an American. How would you like to live in China.

  1. March 1, 2006

    The SEC — Chasing After Good Guys or Bad Guys?

    The SEC, and the media, need to keep in mind this history of anti-shorting hysteria — and the sorry pedigree of the anti-shorting hysterics. Solv-Ex is just one of many examples of cruddy companies using shorts as scapegoats.

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