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Immersive storytelling at The Wall Street Journal

February 24, 2014

Posted by Chris Roush

John Crowley, digital editor The Wall Street Journal, shared his tips for immersive storytelling at a recent digital journalism conference.

Abigail Edge of journalism.co.uk writes, “He also noted that although WSJ London does not have the same resources as the outlet’s New York office, you do not need ‘a cast of thousands’ to produce engaging immersive content.

“Just six people worked on the Golden Dawn project. And it was a great success, with a bounce rate of just 14 per cent compared to 72 per cent for a typical WSJ article.

“For The Wall Street Journal, it was also a way to cover the rise of Golden Dawn, which had won 7 per cent per cent of the popular vote in Greece and taken 20 seats in the Greek government.

“‘We would not have had this information without Marcus drilling down and working with Jovi to visualise this data in this way,’ explained Crowley.

“He also highlighted The Crossing interactive, which used video and audio slideshows to tell the story of a African migrant who had risked his life to travel by boat from Eritrea to Lampedusa in the Italian Pelagie Islands.”

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