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How the pandemic accelerated Reuters’ video production overhaul

December 14, 2021

Posted by Chris Roush

Michael Young, chief technology officer at Reuters, writes for Broadcast about how the company moved its video delivery to a future-ready, industry-leading, cloud-native platform.

Young writes, “As the pandemic hit in 2020 and the shift to work-from-home began, we were uniquely positioned as our teams were planning and building a solution for remote working before it became an unexpected necessity.

“Our cloud-based solution, leveraging Sony’s Hive, allows for video to be streamed directly from the field with connected cameras straight to the cloud, enabling global production at speed. Our new process means video editing is quicker, which enables our customers to access Reuters video content much more quickly, giving us – and them – a competitive advantage.

“Another advantage, once we roll this out across the world, is that all bureaus will also be working in the same content management system. That means the work of our 2,500 journalists around the world can soon be available to anyone in any bureau to edit content that exists within Hive.

“As the pandemic served to push our video innovation forward, the cloud-based system proved to be a successful driver in instances such as Reuters coverage of Cannes Festival 2021 and the COVID-19 lockdown. Our producers are now able to begin editing video even before an event is over, and the requirements for in-office editing equipment are a thing of the past.”

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