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How Apple affects coverage of other tech companies

March 6, 2012

Posted by Chris Roush

Mat Honan of Gizmodo writes about how Apple’s news conference on Wednesday is affecting coverage of other tech companies.

Honan writes, “How important? Here is an anecdote: A major player in the consumer electronics industry had an event planned on Wednesday morning at the same time as Apple’s announcement. It was a chance for an intimate group of technology journalists to meet with a C-level executive, and to walk away at the end of the meeting with unreleased products to review.

“Journalists love this kind of gathering because, above all else, we are dicks; the chance to hector a top executive at one of the world’s largest companies for not being Apple, in an intimate setting, surrounded by your equally unimpressed peers, and then walk out the door with unreleased products to review is what we love to do.

“Nonetheless, [Redacted] had to reschedule its event due to lack of interest. Too many inky hacks pulled out to cover Apple instead. We, the Press would rather sit in a dark room, unable to ask tough questions or actually touch and test an Apple product, than do our job. We would rather serve as a gateway for Apple’s live action press releases.

“And unless you accuse the media of being biased towards Apple products, you should have figured out by now that none of us even care. Who cares. Nobody cares. We are all so jaded and cynical that if cow shit brought in an audience, we would all be sitting in a pasture, DSLRs in hand, waiting breathlessly for the next patty to fall. Or at least, many of us would.

“We cover what we cover because it’s what you want us to cover. And as long as the audience comes in, we’ll be there to receive you.”

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