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Google vs. Wall Street Journal

December 15, 2008

Sam Gustin of Conde Nast Portfolio writes Monday about how Google has gone on the offensive against The Wall Street Journal about an article in today’s paper.

Gustin writes, “The Journal article says that Google is talking to the major cable and phone companies about paying for a ‘fast lane’ for Google’s content — including YouTube videos — and suggests that the Google is moving away from its long-standing support for network neutrality, the principle that all internet traffic should be treated equally.

“Google responded quickly and did not mince words in denouncing the Journal‘s article.

“‘In short, the Wall Street Journal story is wildly, dramatically overblown and reflects a misunderstanding of both our caching practices as well as our position on net neutrality,’ Adam Kovacevich, a Google public affairs spokesperson, told Portfolio.com by email.

“Stanford Professor Larry Lessig, who is referenced by the Journal, called the story a ‘made-up drama.'”

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