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Friedman: Claman is the anti-Bartiromo

February 7, 2007

Marketwatch media columnist Jon Friedman profiles CNBC anchor Liz Claman on Wednesday and comes away impressed with her low-key personality and demeanor, which he says is in stark contrast to Maria Bartiromo.

Liz ClamanFriedman wrote, “By contrast, the unpretentious Claman, who joined CNBC in 1998 and now anchors ‘Morning Call,’ almost seems out of place in TV news. After all, this is a business which cranks out divas with the precision of a Detroit assembly line rolling out new cars.

“‘You can’t start believing your own press clippings,’ Claman told me. ‘Your vision gets clouded.’

“Claman’s breezy style made a difference last year when she traveled to Omaha to interview billionaire investor Warren Buffett.

She had the challenge of coaxing Buffett, who has been known to sound stiff and formal in TV interviews, to talk about himself in a revealing way.

“Claman declared, ‘OK, Warren, I’m here! We can get this party started!’ “That sort of bluster paved the way for a well received interview. The show represented a coup for CNBC since Buffett is a hero to so many of its viewers.”

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